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Alma Chua: The undisputed queen of filipina bar girls.

Celebrity Alma Chua

Alma Chua is the atomic sized breasted queen of all the filipina bar girls without a doubt. No one else has even come close to her achievements, and I think a lot of these country girls look up to her. She has become quite a scandalous celebrity back in Manila, even hosting her own TV show for a while. Basically she and all the other girls who have gone wrong in the sex industry go on and tell their stories and cry for forgiveness. Cos the Philippines is a largely Catholic country they really understand forgiveness and atonement etc.. Alma is a force of nature and one of the few girls I know who has broken out of the downward spiral of the Angeles City bar scene. You can see all of this Alma Chua gallery here. And of course if you want more you should know that she is entirely exclusive to Teen Filipina.

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  1. Hendy Says:

    Alma Chua, you are sexy lady, i’m falling in love with you. May i make love with you?

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