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Brand new Manila sex worker Malou strips in our hotel. Malou is back by popular demand!

sex worker

Say hello to brand new Manila prostitute Malou. Just 18 and in the crazy big city to try and make her fortune and gain some big face with her relatives. She actually left her village the day after her eighteenth birthday with her family’s blessing…Her father is trying to get enough cash together to open a little bar there. So Malou will do anything to help her family…and she already has her bar owners mark tattoed on her back. Stay tuned for more of this girl….We can check in from time to time to see her progress and descent into the seedy sex underworld of the Philippines.

Philippine sex worker Edmilyn back in happier days. Before her ordeal in Manila’s go go bars.

Philippine sex worker

Take a look at these pictures of Philippine sex worker Edmilyn back in happier days..When these were taken she was pretty fresh to the Manila go go bar scene and the Makati prostitution meatgrinder. When we took these pictures she was still together with her boyfriend, and shortly thereafter she was enslaved by a local police chief after a raid on an illegal asian webcam parlour. After that her road was pretty swiftly down hill, and she was involved in one of the most outrageous and degrading sex acts we have ever seen (click here if you have not heard about Edmilyn’s semen vomiting) after ejaculating as many as 5 guys at once.

Perfect filipina LBFM teen shaved pussy. A tight and tiny asian eighteen year old vagina!

Joy Villa

If there is any doubt about who is the tightest and freshest Manila LBFM teen I think we can put it all to rest. Here is what nubile teenage perfection looks like…And perfection has a name: Joy Villa. Nothing rocks a nubile teenage girl more than a smooth shaved pussy. And our girl Joy Villa has it all. A perfect smooth teenage body, and a brand new barely used eighteen year old pussy. I have a feeling we are going to be getting a lot of emails and requests for Joy…She is the definitive LBFM poster girl and a perfect nubile teen filipina beauty. Another one of those girls who has fallen into the dark side of the Philippines sex industry, this girl has actually made something for herself and has become as big a bar star as Alma Chua or Edmilyn Villanueva.

Miko Sinz – Korean American porn starlet prepares for her big anal scene!

Miko Sinz

Exclusive video of Korean – American teen Miko Sinz fluffing up a big cock in preparation for her wild anal penetration scene. For those of you who do not know what fluffing is…It’s behind the scenes porn term that means to get a male actor’s penis ready for a scene. A fluffer is a hired member of the crew of a porno movie whose role on the set is to sexually arouse the male participants prior to the filming of scenes requiring erections. Often new girls will start as fluffers and work trying to keep everyone’s cock hard so the scene can be shot. Doing anal requires a rock hard erection so Miko is doing her best to get this guy going before her scene.

Welcome to the Philippine sex industry! Brand new Manila sex worker Tanya Cruz.

Sex Worker

So we have had a couple of posts featuring our flat chested and oversexed wonder, Tanya Cruz. I always love to tell the tales of these girls and their downfall into this world of depravity..So you are young smooth and nubile…Just 18 and wanting to break out of your nest and hit the big city. And maybe you have heard a few stories of local girls who have done well..Maybe gone to school to be a nurse or even married a foreigner and moved to America. Well after about 5 days in gritty downtown Manila our girl Tanya knew that was all bs. But the problem was that she had promised her parents and everyone in her village that she would send home some cash. So what’s a girl to do? Welcome to the Philippine sex industry.

More from our #1 searched girl – Perfect LBFM Filipina teenager Edmilyn Villanueva!


So this is the filipina teen who reigns supreme…We get more Google searches and emails for our homegirl Edmilyn than for any other. And yah shee looks sweet as sugar, but don’t forget that this is the wild street whore who was involved in the famous Manila semen vomiting incident and video. Don’t think this really happened? Take a look here for exclusive shots and video of the semen vomiting. So this gallery is a nice set of Edmilyn trying to look sweet…but you can already see the Whore’s confidence in her eyes…And the wild hate.

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Round breasted Bangkok penthouse pet Nok

Busty Bangkok Girl

Despite the Filipina site title we don’t just want to limit ourselves to one flavour of asian babe. Recently we made inroads with a new photographer in Bangkok who has contacts with some of the hottest girls there…Real babes like Irene Fah and our girl today Nok. One great thing about these Thai bar girls is that a lot of them have really great bodies, and unlike Chinese and other asian girls they are usually heavy breasted. So check out our first girl from this series and let us know what you think

Alma Chua deals with an unfathful boyfriend. Payback has a new name: Anal Penetration!

anal sex

Payback is a bitch, and her name is anal retribution. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…and you can multiply that 10x for a filipina girl. When Alma Chua heard that her boyfriend had been down in Makati riding the local whores she went ape shit and started screaming in Tagalog. She flew down there and dragged the guy out of a club by his ear. After dumping this guy and being apart for a few days her heart softened and the three of us sat down to try and work out a settlement. After about a dozen drinks Alma took a shine to the idea of bolting on the strap on and giving this guy a little tough love to settle the score. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen I present Alma’s anal retribution make up session..