Teen Filipina Girls
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18 year old Filipina cutie Joy.

Pointy tongue on this Filipina girl

Joy has always been one of our fave girls. She has that cute face and tight body that is often a rarity in the PI. I have to say over the past 10 years I have noticed weights going up in Manila and we have to look a bit harder always to find the slim and sexy girls now. But occasionally we will come across a natural like our girl Maria or Joy here.

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Our super sexy Asian emo chick is back!

Wild Asian Girl

I am choosing both the Japanese and Filipina categories for this girl as Alyra is a 3 way mix between Caucasian, Japanese and Filipina. In most of Asia it seems that mixed girls always come out on top. Whenever I am in Thailand it seems that it is all mixed raced girls on TV there. And I have to say it sometimes seems true, mixed girls can be real beauties. All I can say about this girl is that everyone seems to like her as of course she has a look that appeals to everyone. Well I know a lot of guys who aren’t into the tattoos, but in a way it’s a bit refreshing to see Asian girls like this.

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Smoking hot and nubile Asian new comer Thailee goes nude

Spicy naked asian girl

Her name is Thailee and she is hot! This is her first nude photo shoot ever and it is epic. I don’t know too much about this girl yet except that she is not Filipina but rather Vietnamese. Now long time readers of this blog will now we are not prejudiced when it comes to Asian girls, and when a girl is this hot we always make an exception even if she is not Filipina. This girl is an absolute winner and every goddam shot and frame of her pics and videos are just perfect. You are going to love her!

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