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This Filipina hottie is not at all happy about getting blasted

Filipina Facial

From the look on this girls face it would seem she doesn’t find taking a cum shot as an erotic experience. In fact everyone says Filipina girls are in general cum dodgers and maybe that could be said to be true for the ones from the Islands. The Flip girls in Cali will let you do anything if they find you either rich or charming.

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Wild and busty Alma shows off her smooth body

Amazing Nude Filipina

Amazing Nude Filipina

Here’s another reason of why we are the best blog source for hot Filipina chicks. Take a look at this incredible photo set featuring the perfect bodies Alma. I can tell you, and I suppose you already know that this girl does do some pretty wild hardcore. But I think that this is one of her hottest photo shoots ever. She just looks perfect, and those eyes and that body could melt any man.

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Did you forget about this girl? A perfect naked Filipina girl.

Naked Filipina

Perfect nude Filipina perfection. I had thought that in case you had forgotten what that looks like we would remind you with this picture of the awesome Alma Chua. Yep we are a bit behind in our posting here but that is all going to change and we are going to be bringing you some all new Manila hotties. Enjoy.

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More incredible Filipina Fetish girls. Busty and topless.

Busty Manila Bar Girl

In our endeavour to bring you the best of the wild Philippines sex industry we have something special. I think for those of you who do have a real Filipina Fetish this particular girl is the embodiment of what a perfect Filipina girl should be. And yes she does do hard core.

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Wee are back from vacation with more info on Alma’s tits!

Alma Chua

So we are back from our little vacation with some more updates by popular demand on Alma Chua’s amazing set of rocking tits. This girl is a real beauty and a total LBFM love machine. She will ride you right into whiplash and a neck brace..And the only place you are going to see hardcore with this girl is Teen Filipina. So if you do have a Filipina Fetish (like we do) head on over and check her and the other amazing girls out.

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Behold the impossible perfection of Alma Chua’s big tits.

Busty FIlipina Girl

Behold and bow down to the awesome perfection of Alma Chua’s awesome rocking tits. Now most asian girls don’t have a lot up top, but here we have a wild exception to that rule. Perfect breasts, a freshly shaved fresh pussy and a perfect face make Alma a formidable beauty.

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Melon breasted mayhem with the incredible Alma Chua.

Melon Breasts

All I can say is this: If you are looking down and seeing this at the end of your cock just like this guy is then you are having a pretty good day. Alma Chua’s perfect tits are a legend in the Philippine Islands, and she knows how to use them to drive a man insane with pleasure. Can you imagine this perfect breasts covered with sticky semen? Do you want to see it? THen take a look at her videos online at Teen Filipina. The home of the sexiaest Asian girls.

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The awesome rocking tits of amazing topless filipina girl Alma.

Alma Chua topless

Topless filipina girl Alma Chua. Can I get an amen. Alma is still the undisputed queen of Makati as far as I am concerned, and one of the hottest Filipinas anywhere. This shoot of her stripping lingerie is one of my faves. A real heartbreaker.

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The glory that is Alma’s breasts. Topless filipina girl with awesome rocking tits.

Topless filipina girl

I know I’m not going to have to say a lot here…what is there to say. Alma’s breasts are god’s gift to you pathetic fappers and you should get down on your knees and thank him for even a glimpse of her awesome rocking tits. Enjoy.

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Melon breasts and puffy nipples. The shaved and willing Alma Chua.

Alma Chua public nudity

God created woman, but Makati created Alma Chua. Alma is a perfect example of how brains, boobs and beauty can get you out of the gutter in Manila. I recently heard some story that she has married into a bit of money and a better life. Well what man could resist here. Only we have the exclusive movies and pictures of Alma, and if you want to see her and other Filipina Girls log in here with your access pass.

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Behold the soapy breasty ecstacy of Alma Chua in a hot shower.

Alma Chua - Soapy with Manila’s top sex worker

There is nothing that comes close to the soapy ecstacy of Alma Chua in a hot shower. This girls tits are national treasures in the Philippines…And only here can you see them in this amazing slippery shower scene. There has been a bit of a scandal and speculation that Alma’s tits are so fine because she is pregnant. And there is even a story about a rich American snapping her up out of the Manila bar scene. Anyhow she is hot enough to raise the dead, and these pictures and videos are exclusive to Teen Filipina. If you want to see all of Alma’s pictures and videos you are just a click away, log in here with your Teen Filipina access pass.

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Do you want to see all of Alma Chua? Well we have it all.

Alma Chua

Alma Chua is by far our all time most popular girl…And she is one of the most searched for Filipina beauties on the Internet. And only we can bring you ALL of her picture sets and videos. Other sites may say they have her, but really it is only an excerpt or even some of our content with our logo t-shirts omitted. When god created Alma Chua he spared no expense….She is a raw, perfect natural woman. If you want to see all of her pics and videos use your Teen Filipina access pass to log in here.

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Filipina Domestics. I’m willing to bet our Filipina maid service is better than yours.

Filipina Domestic

So how many times have you read lately that some guy is having sex with his filipina maid. In fact even the idea of a filipina maid has been compromised throughout the world, and it has largely become synonymous with “sex worker”. Where does the fault in this all lie? Well largely with the press for sensationalizing anything sordid. So our girl Alma here is not a real domestic, but we all thought it would be fun to do a little sex play on the filipina maid theme. Alma is not bothered by it as she is living large and is nobody’s servant. She looked great in this little french maid costume…It could barely contain what are considered the best breasts in the Philippines. This is a hot picture set and the video is even hotter. Enjoy your fantasy.

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Atomic racked bar girl Alma Chua gets a doubles sided facial!

Alma Chua


By now you all know about Alma Chua and her nitro enhanced plutonium powered rack. Well here she is having twice the fun while ejaculating two cocks at once. Do you want to see her giant funbags get slick with goo? Well you are gonna. So take your ritalin and grab your credit card and head over to the site…you will not see this anywhere else.

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