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Slim and sexy Filipina teen shows it all off

Nude Filipina Teen

Maria has been one of our top girls here and we thought we would take another look at one of her better photo shoots. This time the guy got most of the pictures exposed correctly and didn’t fog up the lens with his own heavy breathing lol. I’ve heard that this girl is an honest to god go go chick so that thought just makes it all so much hotter.

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Sultry and sexy Filipina nude girls like to cuddle!

Maria and Vanessa

Now this looks like fun… Take one of our hottest bar girls like Maria, and have her bring a friend along for a little private show. We spent about an hour with Maria and Vanessa rolling around on the bed of our little Makati studio. Maria is so hot and juicy that she can make anyone happy. ANd yes she does do hardcore, and of course the only place you are going to see it is at Teen Filipina!

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Looks pretty good from up here…

Riding the girl

We constantly get requests for more pics of Maria, so we thought we would do something special and give you a little taste of her hot POV hard core shoot. Thankfully our photographer was sober enough to hold the camera with one hand so most of it turned out really well. The best part is the foreplay, where she strips her slim body and then crawls on over for some hot fellatio.

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Sultry and sexy bebot Maria is here to tempt you!

Sweet and sour

Sweet and sour

We met a lot of new girls over the past year, and I think there is one face who stands out as “Miss Filipina 2009” more than any other. And that would be the one and only Maria. We have watched this girl go from a shy and surly teenager at her first photo shoots to a self confident sex kitten in her last few appearances. So get ready over the next few weeks for a retrospective of all of the best Filipina beauties of 2009. Here they come!

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REAL Manila go go girl Maria strips her slinky costume.

Manila Go Go Girl

Manila Go Go Girl

A lot of what you read in adult themed blogs is clearly BS, but today we’ve got something that’s completely for real for you. Maria is one of our most popular girls and she is a real pole dancer in a Makati club. So what better to do than to have her over for a little private show. She even brought her actual dance outfit and lap danced us in to blissful oblivion.

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Sultry Manila school girl Maria. This is why I have a Filipina Fetish.

Filipina Fetish

I guess it’s impossible to pick any one girl to show as an example of why we all have a Filipina Fetish, but sultry Manila student Maria comes close. She’s just 18, but already she has that sultry smile and those knowing eyes that tell you that any encounter with a girl like this will be memorable. In fact I doubt if you could actually handle it. Oh and wait it does get better…we will soon be unveiling some great hardcore scenes featuring this girl.

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Our fave girl Maria has a perfect bubble butt!

Wild filipina ass

One thing you never expect to see on a Filipina chick or indeed any asian girl is a perky bubble butt like this. This ass is incredible, it’s something you would expect to find on a Brazilian. It’s practically a deadly weapon. And oooh yah, did I mention she is an expert in its use, and she loves to have sex with an audience.

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Nothing makes a teen sexier than braces.

Teens with braces

A girl with braces on her teeth is like the icing on the cake. This is one of the last shots we got of Manila homegirl Maria before she went back to the Orthodontist and got her braces removed. And I can say they worked well cos the last time I saw her I got a winning smile. Wanna know how she paid for those braces? Well she worked her little moneymaker, that’s how.

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Flat chested Filipina vixen Maria is ready to rock your world.

Filipina flat chested vixen

I don’t think any other girl except for Alma Chua has created such a buzz so quickly as our new Manila bombshell Maria. She has that perfect petite and nubile look that I know a lot of you guys love. And yes this girl has nasty talents and does some wild on camera sex. You will not see it anywhere else…so stay tuned or check her out at Teen Filipina.

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Meet the new Filipina Queen Maria. Too cool for school.

Filipina Student

I’m pretty sure Maria is too cool for school. She is certainly too cool to be wearing her schoolgirl uniform, and as a matter of fact she stripped it off post haste. Maria is one of the new generation of Filipina girls we encounter in Manila these days. They are much more jaded and in touch with the world than the girls we met even just a couple of years ago. It is not uncommon to see these girls sporting an Iphone or some other ridiculously expensive accessory. Maria is hot as hell, and you are going to be seeing a lot more of her.

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Tiny breasted manila bargirl Maria: I like to have sex on video!

Filipina hardcore

Sometimes the gods will just smile at you and give you a girl like Maria. As she has become more comfortable in front of our cameras it’s clear just how much of a wildcat this girl really is. I think a lot of women are closet exhibitionists…But only those very few evolve their sensuality until they come to love fucking for an audience. Maria loves it. I can see the pleasure in her eyes during the shoots when she is being pumped…Oh yah she does do hardcore…

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Meet filipina new cummer Maria. Eighteen and already shaved.

Filipina Maria

Young girls these days are completely out of control. There was a study recently that said that 1 ouit of 4 teenage girls in the USa had a sexually transmitted disease. When I was a kid a blowjob was considered very edgy and anal sex was unheard of except in the Bible. Nowadays these things are just part of the everyday sexual experience. The fucking neighbourhood pharmacy has a whole shelf of lubes now. When Maria came over to do her shoot we didn’t know what to expect. Our buddy said she was eighteen and hot, and that was true. What we didn’t expect was for her to be a shaved freak. What a wonderful girl..tight bodied and nearly flat chested, this girl is destined for stardom.

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