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Slim and sexy Filipina amateur stripping at our hotel

Cute nude Filipina girl

You may know this girl from some of the more professional and polished photo sets she has done for the big name Filipina erotica sites. But this is her set of audition pics from when she was just 18 and had not yet got into the modelling scene. We are all about the amateur girls and we love real pics like these.

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What about Indian girls? Do you like nude Desi chicks?

Sexy Nude Indian Girl

In a way I guess we have a bit of a fetish for all southeast asian girls. But other than Thai and Filipina it seems we almost never see any attractive chicks from any of the other countries. Mostly it’s a cultural thing as any Indian beauty is just not going to pose nude. But what happens when Indians move to the USA and their daughters grow up there? Well then anything can happen. Kourtney here had done some nude self pics and other stuff with her boyfriend and what do you know as soon as they broke up the pics were all over the Internet.

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Busty Asian babe Carla gets groped at her photo session

Asian Sex Freak

There are girls who do porn for money, and then there are girls who do it for kicks. I think it’s pretty darned clear that our girl Carla falls into the latter category. When you have a model come to a photo shoot with this sort of sexy look on her face then you know it’s going to get hot, and I mean very hot. The guy who shot this is a bit of a nut and these two seemed to feed back off of one another until before you knew it Carla was getting choked and groped and moaning in pleasure.

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Old fashioned style Asian hand job.

Filipina girl friend gives you a hand job

A lot of guys I know say they actually prefer the hand job thing over actual sex. I’m thinking this is largely what older guys want as in general they are just too drunk or lazy to ride their girls properly. I’m aware that the girls like it as it makes their guys happy but doesn’t involve their vaginas or get their hair messed up too much. Ans also there is the time factor, as I suppose your average working girl can do a lot more with her hands in an evening than on her back.

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