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You asked for it and we are going to deliver. More girl friend pics and nude selfies.


On the Internet everyone votes with their clicks, and indeed we have heard you loud and clear. We think you have a severe fetish for skinny Asian girls. So bearing that in mind we are pleased to bring you some all new pics of yet another one of these girls who has a bit of bad judgement and has decided to upload a ton of nude pics to 4chan.

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It’s time for some more Filipina fetish girls

Filipina Fetish

It’s certainly been a while since we did a feature, but in that time we have never lost our fetish for beautiful Filipina LBFM girls. So to help everyone get back in the swing of things here is one of our new faves. She is a bit skinny but makes up for it all with boundless sexual enthusiasm.

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Skinny Filipina gets tight body covered in cum shots

rosemary radeva

Sometimes the best part of sex is what happens after and what the girl is either doing or looks like after you have covered her in a load. Skinny girls are hot, and there is nothing than watching your cum drip down your skinny girls tiny tits.

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We love these skinny and hot Asian teens. Meet 18 year old Chris.

To be perfectly hones one of the reasons we like Asian girls so much is that in general they are much thinner then their western sisters. And if you travel to Asia and see these girls in their natural environments you will be blown away with how slim and gorgeous they are. I can remember returning to the USA from a trip and thinking I had come to the land of the balloon people as the girls were so much heavier at home. Chris here is a prime example of the sort of girl you might see in your travels in Asia, petite slim and gorgeous.

See all of these skinny Asian girls in HD video!

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This is the face of a perfect 18 year old LBFM. Meet sexy Filipina hottie Christine.


In terms of what most guys are looking for in a Filipina girl friend this girl can provide it all. First of she is thin and fit and one thing I don’t like about a lot of Filipina’s is that they dont’ keep themselves in shape. And Chris here has the most passionate set of burning eyes. You know you are going to be in for a rough ride with this beauty.

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It just does not get any puffier than this.

Puffy nipple asian

I guess if you are looking through all of our girls you may see we have a thing for skinny chicks and tiny tits. Now that’s good, but if you throw in a pair of puffy nipples then you are approaching perfection. So here is a girl who has it all and sports a pair of fully erect and aroused puffy nipples.

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Slim and sexy Filipina teen shows it all off

Nude Filipina Teen

Maria has been one of our top girls here and we thought we would take another look at one of her better photo shoots. This time the guy got most of the pictures exposed correctly and didn’t fog up the lens with his own heavy breathing lol. I’ve heard that this girl is an honest to god go go chick so that thought just makes it all so much hotter.

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Anything freaky ever happen to you while you were getting a massage?

Massage Girl

This is what is going to happen if you get your boyfriend to massage your ass. Two words for you: accidental insertion. If this girls face is any indicator I think it’s clear that it will be more than just a finger getting accidentally inserted. Some very hot sex with a very horny girl.

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Banana girl Nicole gets a little bit crazy after a few drinks

I wouldn’t get too close to Nicole or you just may get pegged by an aroused banana. She is one of those ultra skinny girls who has a lot of manic energy and is always laughing and out of control, and if she has had a few drinks like in this photo shoot then who knows what will happen. Actually we do know what happened and it was the hard core photos she did with her boyfriend that we will show you next week.

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Smoking hot Filipina babe Nick is back for another nude photo shoot!

Nude Filipina Babe

Remember our girl nick from last month? Check it out here (slim and sexy Filipina babe Nick gets naked). Well this gorgeous creature is back for yet another nude shoot and it’s all win. She just has a way with the camera, and her beauty just shines through. I know you are going to want to see this amazing photo set and please make sure to rate our girl high!

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Super skinny Asian chick does some wild big cock hard core.

Skinny asian hard core girl

Well no this girl is not Filipina, she is some sort of mixed girl. But we have such a big thing for the skinny girls, especially if they are as hot as this that we just had to bring her to you.

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Slim and sexy gorgeous new Filipina girl Nick in her first nude shoot.

Cute Filipina Girl

If there is anything hotter than a new girl, it’s a goddam gorgeous new girl. Take a look at this slim, sexy and head to toe gorgeous. This is exaclty what makes the girls of the Philippines so special and so desirable. There are no other girls in the world who have this particular look. When I take a look at girls like Nick I can actually smell the sunshine. A totally fantastic girl you are only going to see at Teen Filipina.

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The girls of the Philippines, this is why we love them. Check out the winning smile on this babe.

Tiny tits filipina girl

This is the kind of thing you often see once you get outside of Manila, gorgeous and healthy Filipina girls with winning smiles and fit bodies. Rady is actually a petite girl, but you dont’ get a sense of that from these pics as she is skinny and fit. I adore this girl and whenever I see that look in her eyes I think of the hot sun on Boracay.

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Are you ready for some real nude Thai girl friends?

Thai Girl Friends

The hottest thing in the world of Internet sex these days is all of the amateur girls we see. Nothing beats real Asian girl friends doing self shot pictures and having amateur sex with their boyfriends. But the thing that has always been missing is a web site that features real Thai girl friends. Well at last that day has come, click below to check out Submit Your Thai:

Submit Your Thai

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Skinny porn star Amai Liu ejaculates big cock

Amai Liu

The sexy thing about girls like Amai Liu is the drama inherent in there videos as you wonder whether or not their tiny pussies can manage to handle big cocks. One other video I saw like this featured Kitty Jung straddling a big black cock and the girl was actually screaming. It’s very sexy to see 18 year old Amai Liu handle her man

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Slim and sexy Filipina amateur stripping at our hotel

Cute nude Filipina girl

You may know this girl from some of the more professional and polished photo sets she has done for the big name Filipina erotica sites. But this is her set of audition pics from when she was just 18 and had not yet got into the modelling scene. We are all about the amateur girls and we love real pics like these.

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What do you guys think about Vietnamese girls?

Is she Vietnamese

I’m beginning to see more and more Vietnamese chicks all over the web. First there was our own Vietnamese cutie Kodye showing off her perfect ass, and then we started to see that Elly Tran Ha chick all over the Internet. Well today we have another photo set from our own smoking hot Tailee. Remember her fist nude photo set from last year? Of course you do. Well she is gorgeous, I mean almost perfect and today we have another sexy nude photo set from her. This girl’s ass is fabulous.

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Ultra skinny Malaysian nude chick Angel flexes her tight body

Skinny and cute ethnic Chinese Girl

So Angel tells us that she is from an ethnic Chinese family from Malaysia. But seeing as she is in LA I guess that she is a California girl now. She is super petite with that kind of tight skinny body and flat chest that you perverts seem to like. We have tons of galleries of this girl doing some freaky cosplay, so take a look.

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All skinny and girlfeet.

Filipina Girlfeet

This is our first posting in a bit, we have been trying to mordernize the blog and it took a bit more work than we thought. I guess you may have noticed we made a few changes and added a voting system for the girls. Speaking of votes here is perhaps our top rated girl of all time. 18 year old Edmilyn has that skinny body and perfect girlfeet that guys crave. When we did this photo shoot the way she was flexing her body was drawing a big crowd and some big erections.

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Skinny nude Filipina model Eloisa rocks my world.

Filipina nude model

Filipina nude model

There is one of our girls who without a doubt I know could rock my world, and that girl is Eloisa here. I’m a big fan of the girls who know how to use their bodies, girls who are real sensual artists. Well Eloisa can move that skinny body of hers like a Cobra. When the girl is on stage in Angeles City all eyes are upon her because the girl is completely mesmerising. She can writhe that skinny body of hers like no other. ELoisa is our girl of the week for sure.

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Skinny Filipina beauty Tanya works cock.

Flat Chested

One thing I love about these fresh girls is that they are not jaded yet by the day to day routine of the Manila sex industry. 18 Year old Tanya still gives a geniune smile when she makes her clients cum…And she gets a secret thrill from getting semen all over her tiny titties.

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Skinny and shaved 19 year old Edie flexes her tits.

Skinny Asian Girl

She’s only 19, and she’s far too skinny and flat chested but I think Edie knows how to work what she’s got. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another girl who is as comfortable in her own skin as she is. She’s a complete natural when it comes to posing for the camera…she can contort and flex her nude body in a variety of sinful ways.

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Smooth shaved Korean girl checks out her smooth snatch.

Shaved Korean Girl

I’ve rarely seen a better shave job than this girl was able to do in my bathroom in 15 minutes using a disposable razor. She got it smooth…And it looks great with her slim nubile body and tiny flat chest. And yah she was shy at first, but once she felt how good the vibrator made her feel she got more and more aroused, finally ending with a wild twitching orgasm. Don’t miss this.

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Flat chested Filipina vixen Maria is ready to rock your world.

Filipina flat chested vixen

I don’t think any other girl except for Alma Chua has created such a buzz so quickly as our new Manila bombshell Maria. She has that perfect petite and nubile look that I know a lot of you guys love. And yes this girl has nasty talents and does some wild on camera sex. You will not see it anywhere else…so stay tuned or check her out at Teen Filipina.

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Flat chested China girl Cici is proud of her tiny titties!

Flat Chested
When you talk to Chinese teenage nude model CiCi the first thing she will let you know is that “I’m Asian and I’m proud”. And yah the thing that makes her so beautiful is her natural confidence…And the pride she has in her tiny breasts. She has beautiful bone structure and there is always a smile on this pretty face. One of my favourite girls.

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