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New skinny Filipina teen from Filipina Sex Diary.

Filipina LBFM

You know we count all the clicks here and one thing we have learned from all of these statistics over the years is that you like Asian girls, and that you tend to like the skinny ones best. So this time we are going to give you exactly what you want with these pics of an all new 18 year old skinny filipina girl. This is one of the all new chicks from Filipina Sex Diary which is an all new site from the Trike Patrol guys. Basically they are keeping a diary of all of the girls they bang in Manila and posting the pics online.

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Skinny asian teen Mai shows off her hot ass and girlfeet


I know a lot of you guys have a bit of a foot fetish and are always asking for us to do a little bit more featuring feet. Well here is skinny mixed hottie Mai doing what she does best, pulling her underpants up into her asscrack and writhing around on the bed. What makes this set so special is that you can see her feet and that is going to ring the bell for a lot of you guys.

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Epic good times with a pair of Filipina hookers.

Filipina hookers
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Do you know why most porn is boring? It’s because it’s not real. That’s why the whole girlfriend and self shot phenomena has been so big lately cos it’s real girls. Well what if some guys just drove around Manila or Angeles City and banged all the chicks they saw? That would be pretty good right? Well that seems to be pretty much what is going on here. These guys decided to go three way with a pair of hot Filipina girls and the results are awesome.

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Mega breasted Rebeckah is one of the new girls over at Filipina Sex Diary

Filipina Sex Diary

Well wow it has been ages since we have seen a new site come out of either Thailand or the Philippines. There are a couple of reasons, the first reason by a longshot is that there is not a lot of money to be made doing porn any more. The other reasons are that the locals are much wiser to things and always either want too much money or will end up extorting you for too much money. So in spite of all this I am pleased to announce that there is at las a new site for Filipina fetishists: Filipina Sex Diary. This is something worth a look, trust me.

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