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The world is in lockdown, but your libido is not.

Haven’t seen the GF our the inside of a bar for some time now? It’s a bummer and just when you thought it was going to get better we here stories of whole cities being locked down. So what to do when you are going insane to talk to the girls you miss? If so get on your headphones and get over to talk to them at Filipina Webcam Girls

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Home made Asian BDSM erotic pictures.

Naked Filipina Girls

This photographer has recently released a whole lot more of his weird work and some very sexy behind the scenes pictures. He has been very lucky to get models who can make his erotic vision work so well.

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Scorching nude mirror selfies from a cute Filipina webcam girl

For a long time the Asian webcam scene and in particular the Filipina webcam scene has been a disgrace. The websites use outdated technology and for a long time the girls didn’t have decent internet connections back at home. That is changing a lot now and we are beginning to see more and more Asian girls on HD cams doing amazing live shows. Want to see what I am talking about and see some HD cam girls? Check out the girls at Filipina Webcam Girls.

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Do you like girls with tan lines?


Tan lines seem to drive some guys wild, and it is often pretty rare to see them on Asian women as they prefer to stay out of the sun. The tan lines make the girl here and only add to her wild amateur beauty.

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Asian girls with big tits. Meet this spectacular girl from Manila!

In general the guys here seem to prefer the skinnier girls and it seems that most of our articles feature them because of this. But let’s face it, big tits are always popular and always attract attention. And I am guessing that this picture probably got your attention. This is one of the new girls over at Filipina Sex Diary and her charms are so obvious I think they have now done a couple of HD video sets on her. Take a look!

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A nearly perfect rack on gorgeous Filipina teen Millie.

topless asian babe

Some girls have all the luck and our girl Millie had the good fortune to be born with the face of an angel and a body that can be described as heavenly. When this girl did her first audition we were all blown away when she was finally naked and we saw what she had been hiding under her college uniform. And not only that, she was willing to do some HD video shoots that were simply amazing. Who could believe that this angel could fuck like that. Check out her videos!

See this girl fuck on HD video now!

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Insanely hot tropical flower Kate nude for the first time

hapa mixed girl

This girl is exactly typical of the sorts of mixed beauties you see all over Honolulu. In fact the first thing I thought when I saw this girl is that she was a classic Hawaiian mixed babe. She is absolutely stunning and we are more than pleased to have her amazing pics and videos to show you. This girl has a sweet way in front of the camera and a sexy unspoiled teen look that drives us crazy. Let us know what you think!

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Busty Filipina teen Barbie gets fondled at Filipina Sex Diary

filipina barbie

When guys see big breasted girls I guess the first impulse is to want to get a grip on their tits. And if it’s a cute Filipina girl like this then it is almost impossible to keep your hands off of them. Barbie is one of the new and incredible amateur Filipina babes over at Filipina Sex Diary and she is worth a look. These are actually the tame pics, you should see what happened later on…

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Big breasted Manila hooker Corazon gets barfined and groped on video at Filipina Sex Diary

Manila Bar Girl

I have to hand it to the guys at Filipina Sex Diary as it seems they have the audacity and talent to be able to get to every cute 18 year old hooker in Manila. The strange thing about this is that in general these girls are trying to be discrete and keep their business on the lowdown. Back home their families all think they are in nursing school or whatever and they would probably be shocked to find you the girls are working the bars. The really weird thing is that everyone already probably knows what the girls are up to, it’s just the worry of losing face if they are exposed.

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This Filipina hottie is not at all happy about getting blasted

Filipina Facial

From the look on this girls face it would seem she doesn’t find taking a cum shot as an erotic experience. In fact everyone says Filipina girls are in general cum dodgers and maybe that could be said to be true for the ones from the Islands. The Flip girls in Cali will let you do anything if they find you either rich or charming.

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Epic good times with a pair of Filipina hookers.

Filipina hookers
Even more wild Asian hookers here!

Do you know why most porn is boring? It’s because it’s not real. That’s why the whole girlfriend and self shot phenomena has been so big lately cos it’s real girls. Well what if some guys just drove around Manila or Angeles City and banged all the chicks they saw? That would be pretty good right? Well that seems to be pretty much what is going on here. These guys decided to go three way with a pair of hot Filipina girls and the results are awesome.

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Gorgeous Filipina amateur new comer has her first ever hard core scene

Filipina amateur sex

We see a lot of new girls come onto the various Asian sex sites, and honestly most of them are unremarkable. So I guess it kind of makes our day to see a girl like this who is outstanding in several ways. First off she has a killer body that has every other girl on the block jealous, and that is coupled with a sense of sexual adventure that would make any man happy. So check out these teaser pics, and yes there is HD video of this girl so if you want that check her out at Teen Filipina.

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Massive Filipina breasts get all soapy and slippery.

Busty Nude FIlipina Girl

It’s pretty much a law of physics in that if you take a pretty girl and cover her with some kind of slippery stuff like baby oil or soap that she will end up being twice as hot. Slippery girls are just sexier. And if it’s a girl like this with the finest breasts in Asia then it is all win. Enjoy your shower. We did.

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Ultra kinky and super busty Filipina teen Dee Dee shows off her pussy.

Filipina Cutie

Some of our girls obviously have more personality than others, and when it comes to sheer kinkyness the girls that are on top are the Filipina girls we feature from California. With a lot of the Manila girls it can be a real chore to put them at ease, but these Cali girls know exactly what to do to make it as sexy as possible. Dee Dee is just 18 and is very proud of her big breasts and she joins the proud ranks of our uber-titted vixens at Teen Filipina!

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Busty Asian babe Carla gets groped at her photo session

Asian Sex Freak

There are girls who do porn for money, and then there are girls who do it for kicks. I think it’s pretty darned clear that our girl Carla falls into the latter category. When you have a model come to a photo shoot with this sort of sexy look on her face then you know it’s going to get hot, and I mean very hot. The guy who shot this is a bit of a nut and these two seemed to feed back off of one another until before you knew it Carla was getting choked and groped and moaning in pleasure.

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This is what it’s all about. Busty and luscious feisty Filipina nude model Mahan.

Gorgeous Filipina Girl

If one look at this babe isn’t enough to make you leave your wife and kids and go on some sort of half assed adventure to the Philippines then I am thinking you may already be dead. Some girls just have perfect proportions and this is one of them. You know there are a lot of very pretty girls back in the USA, no doubt about it. But none of them really have the sort of untamed charm that Filipina girls have. If you understand what I am saying, and I think you do then click on the picture for a gallery of this amazing babe.

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Perfect nude Filipina girl

Perfect nude Filipina girl

If there is such a thing as perfection, I think this is close to what it might look like. Julie has everything we need in a Filipina beauty, sunny smile, warm personality, and in case you hadn’t notice a body that can raise the dead from their graves. This girl is smoking hot and she just can’t help it. She was born this way. Only at Teen Filipina, the world’s leader in Filipina sexy girls!

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Busty and hot Manila Amateur Toni stripping for the first time.

Busty Topless Filipina

Busty Topless Filipina

Sexy Toni loves it when you notice her awesome rocking tits. And if she notices you noticing them she will crack a big smile. This is her first nude photo shoot and it’s pretty clear that this girl has got talent. So much so that we ordered a few more galleries of her and will have them online soon.

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Topless Filipina amateur shows off her amazing breasts

Nice Rack

Nice Rack

Sexy May has a hot body and she knows it, so there is no shyness at all about stripping off completely nude at our poolside. May is a classic LBFM, she is petite at 4’11” and completely fuckable with a tight young pussy that defies description. This girl and these pictures are completely exclusive to Teen Filipina, so if you like asian teens as much as we do head on over.

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Wee are back from vacation with more info on Alma’s tits!

Alma Chua

So we are back from our little vacation with some more updates by popular demand on Alma Chua’s amazing set of rocking tits. This girl is a real beauty and a total LBFM love machine. She will ride you right into whiplash and a neck brace..And the only place you are going to see hardcore with this girl is Teen Filipina. So if you do have a Filipina Fetish (like we do) head on over and check her and the other amazing girls out.

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Behold the impossible perfection of Alma Chua’s big tits.

Busty FIlipina Girl

Behold and bow down to the awesome perfection of Alma Chua’s awesome rocking tits. Now most asian girls don’t have a lot up top, but here we have a wild exception to that rule. Perfect breasts, a freshly shaved fresh pussy and a perfect face make Alma a formidable beauty.

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Melon breasted mayhem with the incredible Alma Chua.

Melon Breasts

All I can say is this: If you are looking down and seeing this at the end of your cock just like this guy is then you are having a pretty good day. Alma Chua’s perfect tits are a legend in the Philippine Islands, and she knows how to use them to drive a man insane with pleasure. Can you imagine this perfect breasts covered with sticky semen? Do you want to see it? THen take a look at her videos online at Teen Filipina. The home of the sexiaest Asian girls.

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Buxom Bangkok bar girl shows you the tools of her trade.

Bangkok bar girl

Even though this is a predominantly Filipina site we like to mix it up a lot and bring you whatever girls we find interesting. The last post was featuring a Korean chick with a perfect shaved pussy, and today we are bringing you a full breasted Thai girl. I don’t know if you have been to Thailand, or where you went when you were there but this girl is pretty typical of the real beauties you can see on Bangkok streets. The girls in Pattaya are generaly all whores on their way out, but the BKK girls can be really lovely.

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Flat chested China girl Cici is proud of her tiny titties!

Flat Chested
When you talk to Chinese teenage nude model CiCi the first thing she will let you know is that “I’m Asian and I’m proud”. And yah the thing that makes her so beautiful is her natural confidence…And the pride she has in her tiny breasts. She has beautiful bone structure and there is always a smile on this pretty face. One of my favourite girls.

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Meet the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever 20. Can you believe this adorable girl does hardcore?

Hustler’s Asian Fever

Pat is incredibly cute…She is exactly what you would call a comely female. I guess cos you want to comely all over her lol. Just to show how wild even the cutest girl can be I would like to mention that Pat is the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever #20. She fucks buck wild on camera and then gets a huge messy man shot all over those perfect fungbags. I just have to mention that this girl has awesome rocking tits. Where can you see this video? Well it’s online at Teen Filipina of course. As are all of the Asian Fever movies, direct from Hustler.

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