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Sexy Filipina new comer Tina strips off her mini skirt

Sexy Asian Girl

When Tina here walked into our offices I guess you could assume she got our undivided attention. We get a lot of girls looking for work, but very few are keepers like this that just walk in and know what they want to do. Tina is gorgeous and sweet, but with a sexual confidence that comes through in her pictures. This was just her first sex photo shoot, many more to come!

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Wicked sexy Asian porn star Grace Gretchen wiggles her ass.

Asian porn star

Mmmm I just love the little tail on sexy Asian porn star Grace Gretchen and this girl just loves to wiggle it. Could you imagine getting your grubby hands on this girls nubile little body and tight snatch? I hope you have your pacemaker set on overdrive cos this chick would pound you into heaven.

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Filipina porn starlet Kina Kai will give you an erection!

Kina Kai

As far as we can tell this is one of Kina Kai’s first photo shoots done just before she decided to become a full on porn star. The cool thing about this photo shoot is that you can tell from this girls eyes that she is holding it all back and keeping her wild sexuality a secret. It’s hard to believe after seeing these glamour shots that this girl is a total semen faced whore, but yeah she has done a few very hot hard core porn videos.

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Topless tattooed wild babe Alyra just cannot keep her clothes on.

Gorgeous and topless

Some girls just have this issue where they have to be the center of sttention and show off all the time. I guess you can figure that a chick who is half covered in tattoos is going to be like this, and in this case that is certainly true. Mixed Asian Hapa girl Alyra loves to show it all off, and why not as she is a god damn bona fide stunner. We are trying to get our hands on more of these hot California girls and it looks like we will. We have just managed to get our hands on over 80 new girls picture and video sets and we are working night and day to get it all online!

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