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Perfect thai teenager Paula nude at the Peninsula hotel in Bangkok!

Bangkok Teenager

So recently we had the story of one of our Thai models who was a good girl gone bad. She moved to Bangkok and quickly got hooked on Yaba and ended up peddling her ass to cover her drug habit. For those who don’t know Yaba is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine and is the drug of choice in Thailand where it is cheap and plentiful. Today’s girl is a different story, she is a demure student who we had to bribe out of her clothes with some shopping at Siam Paragon Center and a lunch back at the Bangkok Peninsula hotel. Some girls just have taste… I just adore this girl and you can see how nervous she was to be naked in front of us by her smile. It took everything to get this damned girl to smile. So this is just one of a few sets of pictures and video we have of her, prepare for the best in time to come.

Filipina teenager Joy Villa lubes up her tiny vagina to insert big American cock.

Joy Villa Sex

Being a teenage hooker in Angeles City means learning to be an expert on the various types of sexual lubricants available, and becoming familiar with putting the proverbial round peg into the square hole. Filipinas are a petite race…The average filipina is about 5 foot 3 inches tall. And the small size means a generally small and tight vagina. Joy villa is tiny at about 5 feet and she has a wonderful brand new and barely abused pussy. But every time we are going to do a photo shoot (and especially now that she does hardcore) we have to go for a serious lube up and vibration session to get her going. Watching this hot teen’s tiny body gyrate on a big cock is hot stuff…and if she really likes the guy she will moan like a kitten in Tagalog. This is a fantastic session with Joy and only we have the videos online at Teen Filipina.

Filipina girl Malou and her boyfriend do live sex for money shows in Manila.

Filipina teenager Malou

So here we have another story about a village girl coming to Manila top try to make a living and send a little money back to her parents. Very few of these girls actually find real jobs due to their lack of education and connections…Almost all of them end up working as prostitutes or go go dancers or even worse sniffing Rugby Rubber cement or glue on the street. Malou came to Manila the day after her 18th birthday and ran out of money in about a week. She met Ray, her current boyfriend slash pimp who is now banging her in live sex shows. These younger girls don’t seem to be troubled by this…they don’t seem to feel the desperation of their situation until they are a few years older.

Semen loving Filipina go go dancer Edmilyn live from Angeles City!

According to Google, Angeles City Go Go girl Edmilyn Villanueva is our most searched girl…Beating out even huge breasted starlet Alma Chua. I think some day soon we will put in some sort of graph here at the Asian Girls Official Blg to show just who is looking at what, and which of our teen filipina girls is the most popular in each country. So here is another gallery of our perfect bodied hardcore girl, back in the days when she only did nude modeling. Can you believe how fresh faced she was in those days? Compare that to her newer work where she is chugging cock in the street, or vomiting semen after choking on a cock(and now we are not making that up). Thanks for all your visits, and if you like our blog please leave a comment.

Edmilyn Villanueva


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Getting happy in Bangkok with Irene Fah aka Ople Ausinee aka Ho Hang Ping.

Irene Fah

Ladies and Gentlemen start your Sybians! Irene Fah gives us tips on picking the best sex toys…Most of these girls are usually from way out in the farmland around Chiang Mai in Thailand…And when they get to a big city like Bangkok it usually blows them away. And let me tell you they love to masturbate their pussies…Irene Fah tends to like a toy that is just a little bigger than her pussy can handle, she says “That way if I want I can indulge my fantasies about being with a black guy”. She says she can have the most dangerous sexual thoughts and still be safe. She also says it is a good way to do anal sex safely, and avoid the HIV risks in Bangkok.

Bukkake Cosplay Teacher Ejaculates Classroom. Semen Insanity!

Maria Ozawa Bukkake

This is our second post dealing with this amazing Japanese Bukkake actress and of course one of many posts that deviates from our main theme here which is the Filipina hotties. But you know I feel I just have to bring this to you as this girl is wild hot and is dribbling semen everywhere in some of the most amazing Bukkake movies I have ever seen. One of the things I hate when I watch Bukkake is that as an ordinary guy I can manage one shot or maybe two tops….I want to be able to blast my girl with a cum firehose. It’s torture to not be able to do this. So if you are as big of a cumshot fan as I am head over to Bukkake TV for a free look at all of these movies.

Thai bar girl complains that “Farangs are always shooting semen at me!”

Busty thai bar girl - “Farangs keep ejaculating on me”

So this is not our newest set of pictures but it is absolutely one of our favourites cos it is a great example of what happens when there is alcohol and blow on a photo set and things start to get unprofessional. Our man Brent is shooting a standard nude masturbation shoot with our girl Yok here. Now Yok is a fabulous beauty, no doubt about it…So Brent is pretty desperate to shag this girl. So I’m not really sure exactly what happened but I am told that after a few beers and possibly doing a few rails Brent just whips it out and jizzles on her ample tits. Now the miracle happens and instead of going nuts our girl just takes the shot like she loves it…And it seems to make her even hornier because she then grabbed one of the vibrators and buzzed her pussy into an unscheduled screaming orgasm. Don’t believe us? Check out the picture gallery for yourself or better yet head over to Teen Filipina to see the actual video of the whole fiasco.

Flat Chested Asian Teenager Kitty: Prostituting herself to pay for breast enlargement?

Flat Chested teenager Kitty

So the first thing we all think when we see anything about American-Asian Porn Starlet Kitty is “When the hell is she going to get her boobs done”? Now I am not saying that I think she should, her flat chest has become her trademark. Actually she looks like she has so little body fat that there may be trouble even doing an operation. I can only imagine that this girl got a lot of bullying in high school…She’s minority race, super petite and of course it looks like puberty never came. The thrill with any Kitty video is seeing if she can push some giant cock in her pussy or ass…And that is just exactly what she is doing here. Filing this one under “Daddy Issues”, cos this girl looks like she gots a lot of them.

Our Filipina Maid, washing windows, taking care of the kids and barfing up a huge load of semen.

semen vomiting

So here is a huge secret and because I am changing the names a bit I hope I won’t get in trouble. Our girl Shiela is now working as a maid to a rich Chinese couple in Manila…but of course they are paying her peanuts so she is back for a fun filled ejaculation session. And this is one of those situations where we have shot so many softcore sets of Shiela there is really nothing left for us to do but go for the full on facial humiliation. Clearly this is not what she had in mind but it was either this or the door (and no cash) so she did what she was told. She didn’t actually vomit up semen like Edmilyn did when we pulled the huge cock blowjob scam on her, but there was a lot of good choking and cummy phlegm spewing. I think they will have the movie for this session online at the site next week. Enjoy.

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Is Japanese Bukkake ritualized human sacrifice??

Human Sacrifice Bukkake

Ok so it’s a difficult read but it makes for some interesting points with a theory that Bukkake is a sort of ritualized human sacrifice. Take a look at this – “According to a myth of unknown origin, and almost universally disputed authenticity, bukkake was a form of punishment in feudal Japan intended to punish women caught in adulterous affairs, such that every man in the community or village would then consecutively ejaculate on her. However, most sources point to bukkake as emerging in Japanese pornography at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s. Nonetheless, the purpose is still ostensibly humiliation, punishing minor adultery with what can only be perceived as extreme adultery. Yet, perhaps there is more to the practice than simple humiliation, as erotic humiliation need not involve such a large, and importantly, communal effort.”

You can read the whole paper here – Bataille and Bukkake: Symbolic Human Sacrifice in Japanese Pornography and you can check out this and other Bukkake Movies at Bukkake TV

Natural beauty Edmilyn shows off her bitch attitude!

Edmilyn Villanueva Nude

One thing I think is universally true, but perhaps a bit moreso in third world countries is that if a girl is hot chances are she is also a Queen Bitch. And yah it’s understandable…If you can rise above the crowd either through looks or cash then I suppose you join a sort of royal caste. In fact, there are a lot of places where people are so conditioned as to how other should act they become disappointed if the don’t behave as assholes. For example I have a friend working in China and the locals alway expect him to use the best cell phone and to be with the hottest girls as that is the part rich foreigners are supposed to play in life. So Edmilyn here is a natural beauty…and even though she is a mid class whore she has an air about her. Even the time we did the photoshoot where she was vomiting semen she didn’t lose her princess attitude.

Bangkok teenager falls into world of drugs and prostitution.

Bangkok teenager falls into web of porn and prostitution.

In Thailand they call it Yaba which loosely translates as “crazy pills”. I’ve personally seen what this can do that last time I was in Bangkok when our completely speed cranked Tuk-Tuk driver took us on a warp speed tour of the city on the wrong side of the road. When I saw our girl here I was completely astonished at how much weight she had lost since the last time I was in BKK. She had completely succumbed to amphetamine addiction and had descended into a greasy world of handjobs and go go bars. Forced to ejaculate cocks with her mouth to get the money for her addiction. Most of these girls have some wild stories but Nook is one Thai teenager who has hit rock bottom.

Nubile Bangkok teenager falls into web of porn and prostitution.

Nubile bangkok teenager

Well well well I guess you all know by now how I love to talk about the juicy details of these girls and their respective downfalls… Mostly these girls have the same sotry about their falls from grace, but here is one thing we have never mentioned: the Bangkok Modeling School scam. Our homegirl Nook is a sweet as sugar and comes from a pretty wealthy family in the BKK. So you know that every girls dream is to be a model…And in Thailand that goes a step further as all of these girls want to be idol singers. Well to cut a long story short who does our girl meet as a photographer working at this BS school? Well it is our guy Jeff…And the results of the shoot are here. So that’s the preface of this story and we will have more when we post our next pic set from Nook.

Did you know that sweet model Teen Tussinee fucks with her ASS??

Teen Tussinee

Helooo…So where you guys aware that Tussinee is an ass fucking semen spitting little whore? I thought she was just some sort of teen model but then we came across this little gem of a video. Well um it is a sight to see this tiny girl with a huge cock in her ass but yah she does it and LOVES it! So this is the hottest thing I’ve seen all month and let me tell you I have definately seen a lot of freaky stuff this month. And I shit you not but she does a really good bukkake style cum barf at the end of this clip. Who’d of thought it.

Nubile teens Joy Villa and Tanya Cruz soap up!

Joy Villa Bathroom sex

You know I think it was Oscar Wilde or some other witty English faggot who said “Youth is wasted on the young” and here we can see some proof that he was dead right. These girls Joy Villa and Tanya Cruz live only to chug your cock for cash that they use to buy make up and other crap. That’s right, they are waiting for you or some other fat tourist moron to barfine them in Manila right now. At times I don’t even think it’s exploitation cos these types are so naive they think that this whore lifestyle gives them some sort of status…Well ok in all fairness you have to look at it in the context of the economic situation of these third world Asian countries. There is a Chinese saying that it is better to be a prostitute than poor, and maybe what happens here. I can’t tell you enough about how hot these babes are…Nothing is better than a slippery soapy teenage body. And you will only see this at Teen Filipina. Oh and just in case That first pic isn’t enought for you here is another:

Joy and Tanya

Spermania! Filthy messy Bukkake with 19 year old Mitsuki Sakuragawa!

Spermania bukkake movie

One of the filthiest things happening to one of the hottest girls in the world is coming up on Bukkake Television. 19 year old perfect beauty Mitsuki Sakuragawa gets completely covered with semen, taking 126 cum shots in this video. Yep that’s right, 126 shots of semen in just this one video. Warning, this movie will make you hard….there is nothing hotter than the facial expressions of this teen princess as she gets covered in stinky cum. Watching her nose wrinkle up in disgust as she vomits out semen is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. Just in case you are too stupid to click on the picture here is the link again: Spermania Bukkake.