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Even more from buxom bombshell Alma

I aim to please!

I aim to please!

Our last post on Alma was just a little warmup to bring us up to some of her delicious boy on girl scenes. Her she is using her ample charms to pleasure her man. Gob bless these Filipina girls.

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Wee are back from vacation with more info on Alma’s tits!

Alma Chua

So we are back from our little vacation with some more updates by popular demand on Alma Chua’s amazing set of rocking tits. This girl is a real beauty and a total LBFM love machine. She will ride you right into whiplash and a neck brace..And the only place you are going to see hardcore with this girl is Teen Filipina. So if you do have a Filipina Fetish (like we do) head on over and check her and the other amazing girls out.

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Behold the impossible perfection of Alma Chua’s big tits.

Busty FIlipina Girl

Behold and bow down to the awesome perfection of Alma Chua’s awesome rocking tits. Now most asian girls don’t have a lot up top, but here we have a wild exception to that rule. Perfect breasts, a freshly shaved fresh pussy and a perfect face make Alma a formidable beauty.

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The awesome rocking tits of amazing topless filipina girl Alma.

Alma Chua topless

Topless filipina girl Alma Chua. Can I get an amen. Alma is still the undisputed queen of Makati as far as I am concerned, and one of the hottest Filipinas anywhere. This shoot of her stripping lingerie is one of my faves. A real heartbreaker.

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The glory that is Alma’s breasts. Topless filipina girl with awesome rocking tits.

Topless filipina girl

I know I’m not going to have to say a lot here…what is there to say. Alma’s breasts are god’s gift to you pathetic fappers and you should get down on your knees and thank him for even a glimpse of her awesome rocking tits. Enjoy.

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