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Gorgeous Asian bar girls go ass to ass in girl on girl session


What can you do with money on your Asian vacation? Why as many bargirls as possible of course, and why not some ass to ass? Ok a lot of these girls will not do anything anal as in their culture as their butts are primarily for pooping. However you can almost certainly arrange something along these lines. I really like these girls, one is very fun loving and ready to play, and the other is so turned on by having sex for the cameras she is practically shaking.

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How many girls can you handle at one time?

Filipina girls

If you want to have a few kicks next time you are at a party and the guys there have had a few drinks in them ask them in earnest how many chicks they think they can handle at once. Anyone who says more than two is full of shit, unless they are 19 and an Olympic athlete. I’m not talking about how many chicks you can stick your dick in, but rather how many girls you can do in the same room at the same time. Just talking from experience here lol..

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Sultry and sexy Filipina nude girls like to cuddle!

Maria and Vanessa

Now this looks like fun… Take one of our hottest bar girls like Maria, and have her bring a friend along for a little private show. We spent about an hour with Maria and Vanessa rolling around on the bed of our little Makati studio. Maria is so hot and juicy that she can make anyone happy. ANd yes she does do hardcore, and of course the only place you are going to see it is at Teen Filipina!

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Nude filipina bebots Sheila and Joy. Wild filipina girls tag team action.

Filipina Bebot

These skinny bebot girls are completely out of control and willing to do anything to please. These girls are capable of some carnal gymnastics that only eighteen year old jungle girls can do. If you are a foreign guy visiting Manila, and you have any sort of game at all you will score girls like this. Shaved, wet wicked and wild you will be burned out by these gold digging honeez. Third world girls rock, and we are going to do our best to bring you your favorites.

Third world bar girls – bargain sex tourism with Ella and Bebe!

Bar girls

These two girls are just in from the countryside and fresh to the Makati go go bar scene. Ella is amazed at all the things in the big city…the cars and things like Ipods that she has never seen before. Bebe is too dumb to really notice much and just does as she is told. Meet 18 year olds Ella and Bebe…They are fresh to the Philippines sex industry and still willing to do anything to please you. Their freshly shaved pussies are relatively uncorrupted, and still have a tight grip. Wanna see more of these girls including the video? Only at Teen Filipina.

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