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Nothing gets a cute Asian girl naked faster than a fancy hotel room.


If you like Filipina girls it stands to reason you will like the mixed Asian girls as well. California is full of fantastic Hapa girls like this and we strive to feature every one we can find pics or video of. Kate here has that glamorous and curvy look that we know you will like, and all it took was a trip to Hawaii and a fancy hotel room to get her naked. This girl’s name is Kate and she is a doll. I love the way she plays for the camera and in general teases with her very sexy goods.

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Nubile young Filipina Laiza has a tight grip on this cock.


Filipina Sex Diary has been like a breath of fresh air for Filipina sex fetishists as every once in a while they seem to dig up a real gem of a girl while they are patrolling Manila or whatever it is that they do. Laiza is just 18 and has that kind of sex appeal that only a fresh teen filipina girl can have. I think over the next little while we will do a bit of a review of some of the girls over at Filipina Sex Diary and feature as many of our faves as we can.

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Puffy nipple porn star Ariel Rose squirms and moans!


I absolutely have started to adore this girl and her special little extras she does during her performances. The puffy nipples are all win, but the way she snakes her skinny body and moans is all wicked hot. I always like the unusual or tomboy girls as they always seem to be trying harder. I’m not sure what Ariel is and I am assuming she is mixed,as after all she had to get those puffies from somewhere.

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Asian girls with big tits. Meet this spectacular girl from Manila!

In general the guys here seem to prefer the skinnier girls and it seems that most of our articles feature them because of this. But let’s face it, big tits are always popular and always attract attention. And I am guessing that this picture probably got your attention. This is one of the new girls over at Filipina Sex Diary and her charms are so obvious I think they have now done a couple of HD video sets on her. Take a look!

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Some of the wild, and I mean wild antics going on in Manila with the Filipina Sex Diary guys.

 filipina hookers

I have seen some wild shit when I have been over in Asia and it seems that there is a certain breed of guy you see there who really can’t control themselves and live life with no limits. And you can really never know who is going to go nuts over there, I once knew a mild mannered accountant who was so blown away by Pattaya he went back home for a week, dumped his wife and kids and is now shacked up with some 18 year old Thai hottie. The guys at Filipina Sex Diary really do a good job at keeping the atmosphere of a wild trip to Asia alive and some of the girls and situations like with these two babes here are very hot.

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Asian girls who love anal sex.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is not every girls idea of a good time. Most girls can never relax enough to enjoy it or they are just too freaked out by the idea in the first place. For some girls it just plain hurts. But there are those wonderful girl who love it and love giving special services to their men. And one of my fave Asian porn stars who does this oh so well is Evelyn Lin. She only has done a few anal scenes so far but they are all scorchers, and this one is by far my fave.

More pictures of Asian girls who love anal sex!

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