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Our girl in Bangkok has perfect breasts. Getting the scoop on Thai bar dancer Cake.

Bangkok Girl

Cake. Yep that’s what she calls herself, and in all fairness that is exactly what she is. She is typical of the hottest of Thai girls…and she shows off the main thing that makes Thai girls different than other asians: curves. I have to admit that the bar girls in BKK are unbelievable. The cash and excitement attracts all of Thailand’s beautiful girls. The bar scene is like a filter that leaves only the hottest. If you want girls like this you can have them…But I hope you have deep pockets and a thich skin, as you will need both to handle a girl like Cake. Remember, you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.

Meet filipina new cummer Maria. Eighteen and already shaved.

Filipina Maria

Young girls these days are completely out of control. There was a study recently that said that 1 ouit of 4 teenage girls in the USa had a sexually transmitted disease. When I was a kid a blowjob was considered very edgy and anal sex was unheard of except in the Bible. Nowadays these things are just part of the everyday sexual experience. The fucking neighbourhood pharmacy has a whole shelf of lubes now. When Maria came over to do her shoot we didn’t know what to expect. Our buddy said she was eighteen and hot, and that was true. What we didn’t expect was for her to be a shaved freak. What a wonderful girl..tight bodied and nearly flat chested, this girl is destined for stardom.

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Nude filipina bebots Sheila and Joy. Wild filipina girls tag team action.

Filipina Bebot

These skinny bebot girls are completely out of control and willing to do anything to please. These girls are capable of some carnal gymnastics that only eighteen year old jungle girls can do. If you are a foreign guy visiting Manila, and you have any sort of game at all you will score girls like this. Shaved, wet wicked and wild you will be burned out by these gold digging honeez. Third world girls rock, and we are going to do our best to bring you your favorites.

Danica has discovered inserting things into her Vagina is fun!

vagina and anus

Eighteen year old Danica has just discovered an amazing new part of her body and found out she can do some wild things with her vajayjay! In fact it has been difficult to get this horny teenager to stop inserting things into her love box. Needless to say inserting this Japanese vibrator was really fun. And yah she pushes more than just plastic in there…And if you want to check out her hardcore action just log in to Teen Filipina to see it all.

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Gooky eyed and skinny assed. Pigtailed Bangkok teen May loses her bikini.


Pigtailed, eighteen, gooky beautiful and skinny assed May is one of the typical new beauties roaming the street in Bangkok. A lot of the Thai countryside girls can be too thick for my tastes but the Bangkok girls seem to have it all. This girls anus is a work of fine art, and she loves to flaunt that tiny ass. I don’t think we will get any complaints about this post.

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Melon breasts and puffy nipples. The shaved and willing Alma Chua.

Alma Chua public nudity

God created woman, but Makati created Alma Chua. Alma is a perfect example of how brains, boobs and beauty can get you out of the gutter in Manila. I recently heard some story that she has married into a bit of money and a better life. Well what man could resist here. Only we have the exclusive movies and pictures of Alma, and if you want to see her and other Filipina Girls log in here with your access pass.

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