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If your hooker has an orgasm congrats.

Thai Sex Photo

If you go to Bangkok and the girls are doing you for free and having orgasms then hats off to you sir.

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Sex with cute Gogo girls

Thai gogo girls sexy

This gogo girl didn’t even have time to get her bikini off or changed before hitting cocks at the hotel. Click the picture to see her entire gallery.

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Perky tits and a lewd tongue. The talents of the new girls.

Thai Sex Photos

Well I am a little embarrassed to say that we haven’t done any updates here for a while and that is going to change. Today we have a new sticky Thai girl who is all ready to make money with her ass. Check out her gallery and some of the other 18 year old Thai girls over at Thai Sex Photos

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LBFM girl writhing wildly while impaled on a big cock

These pics capture the squirming pretty well but I am afraid you will have to take a look at the video to really get the whole effect. This girl is absolutely a cat on a hot tin roof while she is on this guys cock. Just too big and too satisfying.

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Meeting some of the new girls. Here is Zara from Bangkok.

Thai Adult Video

We have only briefly seen some content of this girl before in the form of a cute picture set. But now we have seen it all and Zara has graduated into the realms of adult stardom. This is part of a huge hardcore picture series that was taken during an HD video shoot. Must see if you like fresh Thai girls like this.

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LBFM beauty with charming smile has shaking orgasms on video

Most of these picture sets that we feature here are shot alongside a video production. Sometimes the pictures are better than the video, but usually they are used as advertising to show whats going on. This is one of those videos that is almost too hot to watch as the girl has a warm and amazing smile and a kind of easygoing natural attitude that has here having shaking and convuilsing orgasms on video. Must see if you like this sort of Asian girl.

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Sexy short haired Asian girl has sex on video

A lot of the videos we see sort of fit the same format and there is a lot that is the same about the girls. But this time we have a really cute pixie cut Asian tomboy. But that’s not the only unusual thing in this video as it seems the girl gets a little bit undone by this guys big cock and all of the unexpected pleasure she experiences.

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Do you have a fetish for nude Thai girls as well?

Well I hope you do have a fetish for Thai girls because this post is featuring a photo set taken during a very hot video shoot in Bangkok. She is skinny and fit, but her ass is just big enough to make it all interesting. She really pounds this guy into a sort of pleasureable submission. And oh yeah, there is a video that goes along to this so be sure to check it all out.

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Skinny Asian girl has oral battle with huge ovipositor


This girl is so cute and skinny and petite and the guys cock is so huge this pictyure looks like something out of a science fiction movie where the alians are trying to fertilize her in a rather unconventional way. And yes there is a video of this and indeed it is just as amazing as these pics would have you believe

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Cock shocked LBFM hooker gets completely stuffed


I can imagine that this girl showed up at the photo shoot thinking she could handle anything. A lot of these girls think they have seen anything, and many of them probably have seen everything. But I think even this girl was shocked at how big this guys dick was, and she actually squeaked and squirmed in pleasure as her chick duct got blocked all the way up to her uterus.

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Getting a little out of control in Asia

yabba thailand

From the look on this girls face I would say the party is in full effect. This gallery is culled from some of the completely depraved goings on at a new site called Asian Candy Pop. There are so few new Asian site coming online these days, and certainly so few good ones that this site is a complete blast. This is just like the glory days of Asian Internet sex circa 2005 or so before piracy destroyed the business.

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Making the escape to Asia and getting the real girl friend experience from a hot chick

Thai Girl Friend

Chances are if you have a Filipina fetish you also have a certain affinity for Thai and other southeast Asian chicks. And no doubt you wonder about and even envy those guys who have left the western world and headed off to Asia and it’s hot chicks for good. Well these pics were shot by just such a fellow and it looks like he has taken residence up in Pattaya with a very hot and camera friendly babe.

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Are you ready for some real nude Thai girl friends?

Thai Girl Friends

The hottest thing in the world of Internet sex these days is all of the amateur girls we see. Nothing beats real Asian girl friends doing self shot pictures and having amateur sex with their boyfriends. But the thing that has always been missing is a web site that features real Thai girl friends. Well at last that day has come, click below to check out Submit Your Thai:

Submit Your Thai

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Oh yes we have a Thai fetish too!

Nude Thai Girl Paula

I suppose it’s fair to say that if you like Filipina girls you may be interested in Thai women as well. We tend to feature both Thai and Filipina because their are a lot of similarities in the bargirl culture between the two nations, and also we just like hot girls no matter where they come from. Paula here is an 18 year old model in Bangkok and an unbridled Asian beauty. This was her first nude shoot so you can really see how nervous she was, but it just made her all the hotter.

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Pattaya bikini stripper Mo pleasures herself

Pattaya Girl

Pattaya Girl

Pattaya is crawling with girls like Mo here. In fact there isn’t too much special about this girl except she has a great natural body and charm. Like a lot of the girls she had no idea what to do with a vibrator, and it took a while before she realized it made her feel good. Yes it’s true we have a Filipina Fetish here, but girls like this are just too good to ignore, and as much as possible we are going to bring you the best of Southeast Asia here.

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Nubile Thai teen Gigi shows off her perky breasts!

Thai Girl Gigi

Thai Girl Gigi

Man does not live by bread alone and here at Filipina Fetish we do not just obsess over one flavour of girl. We do cover Thai girls and we have even done some articles on some hot Chinese chicks. Gigi here is one of the cutest things we have seen in BKK in a long time. She has that big eyed anime look and a slim body that all the Japanese tourists love. Tasty girl.

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More insane puffy nipples with one of our favourite Thai teenagers.

Thai Girl

This is what it’s all about…The reason we are all here. We love these nubile third world girls. Puffy nipple honee Anh is completely fabulous. She sports a marvelous set of awesome rocking tits on her petite frame. Literally this girl is all tits and ass and she is one of the finest things you will find on the streets of Bangkok. Enjoy.

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Buxom Bangkok bar girl shows you the tools of her trade.

Bangkok bar girl

Even though this is a predominantly Filipina site we like to mix it up a lot and bring you whatever girls we find interesting. The last post was featuring a Korean chick with a perfect shaved pussy, and today we are bringing you a full breasted Thai girl. I don’t know if you have been to Thailand, or where you went when you were there but this girl is pretty typical of the real beauties you can see on Bangkok streets. The girls in Pattaya are generaly all whores on their way out, but the BKK girls can be really lovely.

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Check out the puffy nipples on this Thai teenager!

Puffy and erect nipples

Can you believe the size of the puffy nipples on this sexually aroused Thai teenager? Bangkok girl Anh is just 18 and very petite as well. But this girl sports a set of incredible breasts that are the envy of women everywhere. Only a teenager can have a body like this…She is completely untouched by gravity. Let us know what you think of these Thai girls…If you like them we have plenty more.

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I see you are intrigued by Yok’s awesome rocking tits.

Today we have a little bit of a clip of the famous photo shoot of Bangkok honee Yok. If you read way back in the blog you may remember we mention this, if not here’s the story and it’s not hard to understand. Yok has perhaps what are the most awesome rocking tits in the history of Bangkok. This girl is fine in a city of fine sex. The photographer was completely smitten by this girl and was relentlessly trying to get her to do hardcore or to get her in the sack. During the photo shoot the tow of them managed to work out some sort of deal and our guy whips out his cock and blasts all over this girls fine rack. Thanks god it was caught on video, as it’s one of the craziest impromptu sex acts I have ever seen.

If you want to see the rest ejaculate covered video sensation It’s all online at Teen Filipina.

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Meet the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever 20. Can you believe this adorable girl does hardcore?

Hustler’s Asian Fever

Pat is incredibly cute…She is exactly what you would call a comely female. I guess cos you want to comely all over her lol. Just to show how wild even the cutest girl can be I would like to mention that Pat is the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever #20. She fucks buck wild on camera and then gets a huge messy man shot all over those perfect fungbags. I just have to mention that this girl has awesome rocking tits. Where can you see this video? Well it’s online at Teen Filipina of course. As are all of the Asian Fever movies, direct from Hustler.

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Our girl in Bangkok has perfect breasts. Getting the scoop on Thai bar dancer Cake.

Bangkok Girl

Cake. Yep that’s what she calls herself, and in all fairness that is exactly what she is. She is typical of the hottest of Thai girls…and she shows off the main thing that makes Thai girls different than other asians: curves. I have to admit that the bar girls in BKK are unbelievable. The cash and excitement attracts all of Thailand’s beautiful girls. The bar scene is like a filter that leaves only the hottest. If you want girls like this you can have them…But I hope you have deep pockets and a thich skin, as you will need both to handle a girl like Cake. Remember, you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.

Gooky eyed and skinny assed. Pigtailed Bangkok teen May loses her bikini.


Pigtailed, eighteen, gooky beautiful and skinny assed May is one of the typical new beauties roaming the street in Bangkok. A lot of the Thai countryside girls can be too thick for my tastes but the Bangkok girls seem to have it all. This girls anus is a work of fine art, and she loves to flaunt that tiny ass. I don’t think we will get any complaints about this post.

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Can these puffy nipples provide enough traction to hold up a tube top?

Tube top drama! Can Bua’s puffy nipples hold up her tube top?

Every guy loves tube top drama. Will it fall down? What on earth is keeping it on? Gotta love it. Today we are taking an in depth look to see if Bua’s puffy nipples provide enough traction to hold up her top. She has to content with the force of gravity, and horny farangs trying to pull it down. My guess is that it isn’t going to stay up. Take a look at the gallery and see the results.

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Who likes sideboobs? we do, and here is busty Irene Fah’s sideboob.


So to make up for our crappy last post (the Bai Ling Mugshot), which we are sure had you vomiting.. we are now going to bring you the finest selection of sideboobs the continent of Asia has to offer. And who best to be pronounced Miss Sideboob for February 2008 but our own beloved Irene Fah. This girl has it all…she’s got both boob volume and a sexy sway. You just got to love it. And I think I am starting to develop a bikini fetish as well…So this gallery fixes all my needs. It doesn’t get better than this…Log in here with your teen filipina access pass to see all of Irene Fah’s pictures and movies.

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