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Do you like mixed girls?

Mixed race girl

So in general we have a pretty strong Filipina fetish, but that hasn’t by any means kept us from looking at a lot of different girls. And out of all the girls we see one of our favorite types is Amerasian girls. I guess Mae here is what we consider to be the average poster girl for mixed race beauty. And one interesting thing about mixed girls is that they seem to often be much more sexual particularily if they are pretty. Check out Mae’s hard core stuff online at Teen Filipina.

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18 year old Filipina girl gets demolished by a big cock

Asian Teen

So a lot of these bar girls have been up against almost anything from weird Japanese guys with tiny penises to Australians who are drunk enough to chunder on them. And every once in a while they meet up with some gung ho tourist with a big American penis and this is what happens. Lets just say it takes an ocean of sex lube to get the big peg in the little hole.

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Is this girl too skinny to be a porn star? I guess she thinks she isn’t!

Asian teen porn star

Well I use the term porn star pretty loosely here. And that’s because I think that this girl is pretty much doing it for the kicks rather than the usual porn reasons (cash and attention) that most of the girls do it for. And by far the hottest girls are the one’s who have some sort of inferiority complex that they have to fuck away. Now I’m not drawing any conclusions here but this girl is talented, and what she doesn’t have in the looks department she more than makes up in the raw sexual fury area.

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Perky tits young LBFM poses nude for the first time at Teen Filipina!


Everyone has got to start somewhere and each of these girls has a first time in front of the camera. For the most part these girls often have considerable sexual experience and are not really that nervous about having sex for an audience. But some of the girls start slow and new girl Chin is one of them. This is her first ever nude shoot and you can tell she is a bit uncomfortable but in this case it only adds to her charm. Chin is pretty typical of the new girls that end up roaming the streets of Manila each summer after college ends and this is by far the girl we like to have in our studio.

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