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Homely bargirl struggles on top of a big cock.

Outdoor Sex

Life is difficult if you are a homely porn star. And I can also say that shyness is not going to help you out much in this business. But I am impressed with out girl Kristel…Not only did she do the photo shoot but she didn’t panic when we had to do it outside in front of everybody at our Boracay compund. There was a bit of a problem as it turned out to be nearly impossible to get this guys dick into her tiny vagina…She ended up being impaled on top of him.

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Evelyn Lin struggles to keep her pants on.

Evelyn Lin

There are a couple of famous Chinese girls who seem to always be struggling to keep their clothes on. I’m referring of course to the fabulous Bai Ling and todays’s girl, the sexy Evelyn Lin. In this pic you can actually see Evelyn fighting the magic forces that want to pull her pants down to her ankles. And it’s not just gravity…It’s some kind of weird sexy hoodoo magic involving wild ceremonies and a lot of cash.

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Intercourse with an angry Filipina? Better than nothing.

Sexual Intercourse

Puffy nippled Ella has just found out that her guy Rey (who is riding her at the moment) may have been riding some of our other girls in previous photo shoots. As you can see by her eyes she is about to blow and we have caught this magic moment on camera. Hell hath no fury like a jealous woman..and you can double that for a Filipina. I can say that we did manage to convince her that it was not her guy in some of the other pics she had seen and we were able to finish the video. This is some white hot make up sex and not to be missed.

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Skinny third world girls. I love these thin Filipina girls.

Filipina Nudist

One of the best things about the unfortunately dodgy situation in the Philippines is that a lot of these countryside girls from farming villages actually grew up eating a pretty healthy diet. Now I am not saying that everyone has enough…But my point is that they are not likely to have grown up eating Cheesburgers. So a lot of these girls have wonderful svelte figures. Edmilyn is so proud of her skinny nubile body…She is not ashamed of it at all. But don’t let the cute looks fool you…Edmilyn is a dirty little semen eating kitten. If you want to see some of her wild hardcore photos take a look at the picture page at Teen Filipina. Can you believe it’s the same girl?

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Meet the new Filipina Queen Maria. Too cool for school.

Filipina Student

I’m pretty sure Maria is too cool for school. She is certainly too cool to be wearing her schoolgirl uniform, and as a matter of fact she stripped it off post haste. Maria is one of the new generation of Filipina girls we encounter in Manila these days. They are much more jaded and in touch with the world than the girls we met even just a couple of years ago. It is not uncommon to see these girls sporting an Iphone or some other ridiculously expensive accessory. Maria is hot as hell, and you are going to be seeing a lot more of her.

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Flat chested China girl Cici is proud of her tiny titties!

Flat Chested
When you talk to Chinese teenage nude model CiCi the first thing she will let you know is that “I’m Asian and I’m proud”. And yah the thing that makes her so beautiful is her natural confidence…And the pride she has in her tiny breasts. She has beautiful bone structure and there is always a smile on this pretty face. One of my favourite girls.

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Celebrating our 300th! That’s right our 300th Filipina Girl!

Bikini Girl
Say hello to Bebot…One of our hottest new girls and also our 300th model. Bebot is a classic mixed beauty (technically a Filipino mestizo) and has the best of both worlds. She has an awesome Filipina body and a refined face. Yes this girl does hardcore and yes you are going to see it all online at Teen Filipina.

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Do you have a Filipina Fetish? Welcome!

Filipina Fetish

Welcome to Filipina Fetish, a brand new blog covering the hottest Bar Girls, Scandal girls ans sex stars in the Philippines. So if you are a hardcore Yellow Fever victim then this is where you should be. The girl in the picture goes by the name “bebot” and she is one of the models at Teen Filipina, which I guess is the worlds foremost website for those who like Filipina Girls. Going to be seeing more of her very soon.

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Tiny breasted manila bargirl Maria: I like to have sex on video!

Filipina hardcore

Sometimes the gods will just smile at you and give you a girl like Maria. As she has become more comfortable in front of our cameras it’s clear just how much of a wildcat this girl really is. I think a lot of women are closet exhibitionists…But only those very few evolve their sensuality until they come to love fucking for an audience. Maria loves it. I can see the pleasure in her eyes during the shoots when she is being pumped…Oh yah she does do hardcore…

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Join the Filipina Party. Meet our party girls!

That’s right, take a look at the Filipina Party. An all new Filipina fetish website with piles of pictures and no redirects or popups. Click here for the Filipina Party!

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Sexy pole dancer Bebot strips her schoolgirl outfit.

Manila pole dancer

Bebot is one of our favourite new girls…And this post is testament ot how clothes can sometimes make a girl even sexier. You saw her buck naked and full frontal a couple of weeks ago…Well here she is even sexier stripping her tiny schoolgirl outfit. The video for this shoot is outrageous and there is only one place you are going to see it.

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The awesome rocking tits of amazing topless filipina girl Alma.

Alma Chua topless

Topless filipina girl Alma Chua. Can I get an amen. Alma is still the undisputed queen of Makati as far as I am concerned, and one of the hottest Filipinas anywhere. This shoot of her stripping lingerie is one of my faves. A real heartbreaker.

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Manila go go girl vomits semen.

Manila go go girl vomits

Another take on the famous semen vomiting session with Manila girl Edmilyn. By far our most requested series. The video is outrageous, and you will only see it online at Teen Filipina.

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Chinese sex doll Evelyn Lin assumes the position.

Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin strikes me as one of those girls who was a wonderful kid…Piano lessons, straight A’s on the report card, perfect. Then puberty hit and all hell broke loose. I can only imagine her parents where aghast at the transformation from the perfect daughter to teenage temptress. Every neighbourhood has one of those vixens in a slidy tube top making every one nuts and I’m guessing that was exactly what our girl Evelyn was up to. God bless her.

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A little taste of Evelyn Lin.

We got a lot of feedback about our last Evelyn Lin post, some of which was disbelief that she does hardcore. Issue closed. Expect another Evelyn picture post soon…

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