Teen Filipina Girls
Watch these wild filipina jungle girls probe their monkey grip pussies. Check it out
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Sex with cute Gogo girls

Thai gogo girls sexy

This gogo girl didn’t even have time to get her bikini off or changed before hitting cocks at the hotel. Click the picture to see her entire gallery.

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Epic good times with a pair of Filipina hookers.

Filipina hookers
Even more wild Asian hookers here!

Do you know why most porn is boring? It’s because it’s not real. That’s why the whole girlfriend and self shot phenomena has been so big lately cos it’s real girls. Well what if some guys just drove around Manila or Angeles City and banged all the chicks they saw? That would be pretty good right? Well that seems to be pretty much what is going on here. These guys decided to go three way with a pair of hot Filipina girls and the results are awesome.

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Some further proof of why we have a fetish for Filipina girls

Dark Skinned Beauty

We have a fetish for Filipina girls because we love dark skinned beauties like Maria here. When you’re in the Philippines all you see on TV are white skinned girls unless it’s some sort of police show. But we love these golden girls and hope to have a lot more of them online for you soon.

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Manila teen Danica gyrates on top of her boyfriend.

She’s just 18 and Danica is already an expert at extracting semen. She can rev up and gyrate that petite and perfect body of hers like a pro. And watching those cute puffy nipples of hers bounce around will get you hard. I repeat, you will get an erection from Danica’s videos.

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Flat chested, shaved and ready. Manila bombshell Sheila can do more with less.

Flat Chested Bar Girl

It doesn’t look like Sheila has a lot…But don’t be fooled. This flat chested babe knows how to gyrate that slim and nubile body like a snake up on the go go pole. What she does have she knows how to use. She’s no wallflower and does it all including some wildly hardcore oral semen eating. This is one Filipina babe you are going to love.

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I see you are intrigued by Yok’s awesome rocking tits.

Today we have a little bit of a clip of the famous photo shoot of Bangkok honee Yok. If you read way back in the blog you may remember we mention this, if not here’s the story and it’s not hard to understand. Yok has perhaps what are the most awesome rocking tits in the history of Bangkok. This girl is fine in a city of fine sex. The photographer was completely smitten by this girl and was relentlessly trying to get her to do hardcore or to get her in the sack. During the photo shoot the tow of them managed to work out some sort of deal and our guy whips out his cock and blasts all over this girls fine rack. Thanks god it was caught on video, as it’s one of the craziest impromptu sex acts I have ever seen.

If you want to see the rest ejaculate covered video sensation It’s all online at Teen Filipina.

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Our girl in Bangkok has perfect breasts. Getting the scoop on Thai bar dancer Cake.

Bangkok Girl

Cake. Yep that’s what she calls herself, and in all fairness that is exactly what she is. She is typical of the hottest of Thai girls…and she shows off the main thing that makes Thai girls different than other asians: curves. I have to admit that the bar girls in BKK are unbelievable. The cash and excitement attracts all of Thailand’s beautiful girls. The bar scene is like a filter that leaves only the hottest. If you want girls like this you can have them…But I hope you have deep pockets and a thich skin, as you will need both to handle a girl like Cake. Remember, you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.