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Busty Alma Chua gets penetrated, pounded and facialized. Wild Manila sex.

alma chua

Can you believe how cute Alma Chua looks in this high cut skimpy little French maid uniform? Well you are not going to believe how hot this tiny Filipina bar girl looks while she is struggling on top of a huge white cock. Yah you know we have been saving all the good stuff for the cold weather this fall and this is one amazing photo set that will warm you up for sure. The guys we use in our porn shoots are pretty jaded and often expert whoremongers who always get the best…But when our guy saw Alma in her little cosplay outfit he proceeded to penetrate, pound and facialize the poor girl. There is a great shot of Alma actually grimacing with pleasure atop this guys pole. Just wait until you see the video….

Exclusive Manila LBFM girls Ella and Ruth nude for our cameras!

filipina street girl

Check out this never before seen gallery of two of our most nubile LBFM girls Ella and Ruth. They were right at home doing the school girl sex cosplay and could not stop giggling. A lot of the time these girls are nervous and tired from dancing in the go go clubs all night but this shoot was a great time. Both of these girls and Ruthe especially are pretty new to the Makat go go and sex scene and they are still fresh and tight. If you like the photo shoot come on over to the site to see the video.

Virgin Thai Girl! Meet all new nude Bangkok model Got!

Thai girl

So that’s right, this beautiful Thai teen has the unfortunate name of “Got”. A lot of these girls have these funny monosyllabic names because of Thai tradition…When they are born their parents give them this little nick name so that evil spirits wont call them out by their real names. So enough trivia…We met this girl on our last trip to Phuket. She was selling T-shirts in a back alley in Patong and she had that hungry look that filthy pornographers like me can spot a mile away. So the next weekend we flew her up to Bangkok where or main man photographer Jeff did the shoot. I managed to get some gread video on the HD handycam so expect that soon here or take a look on Teen Filipina to see it now.

LBFM Teen Tanya Cruz is back for a pussy buzzer!

Tanya Cruz

Some of these girls from way out in the Phillipine countryside have not used too many modern machines. Usually when they come to Manila and make a little bit of money they go wild with buying the Ipods and spending all of their time at the Internet Cafe (where they are talking to dickheads like you and chasing passports) playing World of Warcraft. They have just never seen this stuff back in the village. So whenever we give one of these girls a vibrator (they call them pussy buzzers lol..) we pretty much have to snatch them out of their hands at the end of the photo shoots. One time when we gave Malou a vibrator she completely went to pieces and started shaking and screaming. You want to win a girls heart? Buy her some toys.

Pee Asian girl Nancy Ho ejaculates urine all over the floor!

Nancy Ho

Only we can bring you these exclusive pictures of Thai babe Nancy Ho ejaculating! I guess it’a a well known truth now that some girls will just lose control of their urine and pee all over the place when they get sexually excited. In Nancy’s case I think she just likes to have us watch her pee…but she did get pretty worked up with a huge vibrator during the shoot (You’ll see that soon). We are very proud to bring this to you as an exclusive…I think if you are a fan of the Thai adult starlets you will know exactly who Nancy Ho is and what she can do…

Filipina teen street meat Edmilyn – Shaved, oiled and flexing!

Filipina Street Meat

This is one of our first shoots of Edmilyn when she was still fresh to the whole go go bar and blowjob scene in Manila and hadn’t yet succumbed to the realities of life here. Looking back it was clear this girl was going to be a star…and nowadays she hustles around Makati like she is some sort of Pinay Paris Hilton. I suppose eventually she will settle down with one of her sugar daddies and then make the big crossing to the USA….and afterwards she will begin to import her whole village at the suckers expense heh… Beware guys these girls are practically immigration lawyers…They are experts at getting that passport and 50% of your house. I have a friend who was a supposed good girl…She hooked up with a guy from Belgium, pumped out a baby and then divorced him. When I confronted her about this she just looked blank…This sort of thing is a compulsion with these girls, they just can’t help it.

Filipina hooker bitchslapped during semen spitting blowjob session.

Shiela Cruz

So it’s no secret some girls like it rough and it actually turns them on to be manhandled a bit. Our homegirl Shiela Cruz loves to play…bdsm, slapping whatever you like and today we have the wild video of her last filthy oral sex session. This video is COMPLETELY OFF THE CHARTS and has our poor girl being savagely mouth pumped with a huge cock. As part of the play Shiela has to say yes sir and take a slap when she is too slow to give pleasure. Seeing videos like this will make you re-evaluate what you think about women…For the most part they are wild tigers inside, and our filipina teens are no different.