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Filipina girl stuggles to jam sex toy into her tiny third world pussy.

Tiny Pussy

Petite Filipina babe Joy Villa has the sweetest and freshest pussy I have ever seen. And needless to say there hasn’t been a lot of activity going on in there. Other than a few jungle fruits this girl has not had any experience with sex toys, and she went wild with pleasure from this vibrator. It did take a bit of lube to get it jammed in there…And if you want to see the video you will have to check out the site.

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Flat chested, shaved and ready. Manila bombshell Sheila can do more with less.

Flat Chested Bar Girl

It doesn’t look like Sheila has a lot…But don’t be fooled. This flat chested babe knows how to gyrate that slim and nubile body like a snake up on the go go pole. What she does have she knows how to use. She’s no wallflower and does it all including some wildly hardcore oral semen eating. This is one Filipina babe you are going to love.

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Chinese adult starlet Evelyn Lin shaved and nude!

Evelyn Lin

20 year old Evelyn Lin is one of the new wild cats of the asian adult movie scene. There is nothing this girl won’t do….Yah I recently saw her do a DP anal scene on one of her DVD’s. She is pretty well unashamed and unabashed about what she does…She tells all on Myspace and in other public forums.
I feel that this is one of her hottest non-hardcore video shoots…I love the look on her face when she is squeezing those tiny titties. A must see porn event at Teen Filipina.

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More of Filipina wild girl Bebot. Young and wild in Makati!

Wild filipina nude student

Last weeks post we made on Makati girl Bebot was one of the most popular in recent months. Like we said before this is one of the new exclusive babes you will only see on Teen Filipina…The world’s number one website for those of you that like Filipina Girls. You are going to be seeing a lot more of this girl and her friends in months to come…But if you want to see it all now you are just gonna have to pay. The hunnies don’t come cheap.

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Filipino student power sex with her boyfriend. Full power intercourse.

teenage power fucking

There is no force on earth like a rampantly horny 18 year old girl. Yah your hurricanes and tornadoes are all impressive and such…But nothing matches the banshee clusterfuck of a woman aroused. Angeles City girl Joy Villa is one of those rare women who thrives on exhibitionism and sex. If you tangle with this honee you had better be wearing a hockey helmet and a mouth guard or you will be injured. I truly doubt if any of you LBFM’s (Lame Fat Bald Morons) have the juice for a girl like her.

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The wonderful girls at The Filipina Cafe. A hot steaming cup of the Philippines finest.

Filipina Cafe

Nothing sweetens a cup of steaming hot Manila coffee like some sweet Filipina brown sugar. The Filipina Cafe has the finest in the islands. Hot, dark and intoxicating. 36 new girls every day and also many more online via webcam. Best of all it’s free. Free rocks. Be free. Check it out: The Filipina Cafe

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Third world brown sugar. The wonderful sunny smile of a filipina girl.

Third world brown sugar

Analyn is pure raw third world brown sugar. This girl has a beautiful sunny smile that lights up a room and warms hearts. She also packs a lot of jungle heat in that petite booty of hers. Analyn is the very best of the Philippines.

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Annie Cruz gives us a taste of her 10000 rpm jungle loving.

Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz is like some sort of wild chainsaw that has only two settings…Insane 10000 rpm fucking and off. You better be wearing a hockey helmet before you tangle with this honee. Yes she does anal. Yes she will fuck you up bad. She gyrates this giant cock into a juicy oblivion in living color. This is a wild video that is not to be missed if you love the wicked bebot honees.

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A little taste of things to come. Smoking hot and bedroom eyed Manila girl Joanne.

Smoking hot filipina bebot

Here’s a taste, and just a taste of our incredible new sweetheart Joanne. This girl is one of the most captivating Filipinas we have ever shot…Overwhelming bedroom eyes and a tight and perfect nude body. Are you ready?

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Incredible filipina beauty. This Manila student is a perfect 10.

Manila student

This sweet new bebot is one of a bunch of new girls you will be seeing a lot more of soon. She and her friends are a bunch of wild and free spirited Manila girls who are not afraid to have fun. These are not your run of the mill hideous cam girls or bar whores, but the sweetest girls in the PI. You will only see them here, and if you want to see more you can log in here to their nude galleries with your Teen Filipina access pass.

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I see you are intrigued by Yok’s awesome rocking tits.

Today we have a little bit of a clip of the famous photo shoot of Bangkok honee Yok. If you read way back in the blog you may remember we mention this, if not here’s the story and it’s not hard to understand. Yok has perhaps what are the most awesome rocking tits in the history of Bangkok. This girl is fine in a city of fine sex. The photographer was completely smitten by this girl and was relentlessly trying to get her to do hardcore or to get her in the sack. During the photo shoot the tow of them managed to work out some sort of deal and our guy whips out his cock and blasts all over this girls fine rack. Thanks god it was caught on video, as it’s one of the craziest impromptu sex acts I have ever seen.

If you want to see the rest ejaculate covered video sensation It’s all online at Teen Filipina.

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Meet the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever 20. Can you believe this adorable girl does hardcore?

Hustler’s Asian Fever

Pat is incredibly cute…She is exactly what you would call a comely female. I guess cos you want to comely all over her lol. Just to show how wild even the cutest girl can be I would like to mention that Pat is the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever #20. She fucks buck wild on camera and then gets a huge messy man shot all over those perfect fungbags. I just have to mention that this girl has awesome rocking tits. Where can you see this video? Well it’s online at Teen Filipina of course. As are all of the Asian Fever movies, direct from Hustler.

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The glory that is Alma’s breasts. Topless filipina girl with awesome rocking tits.

Topless filipina girl

I know I’m not going to have to say a lot here…what is there to say. Alma’s breasts are god’s gift to you pathetic fappers and you should get down on your knees and thank him for even a glimpse of her awesome rocking tits. Enjoy.

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OMFG! I found my Vagina! This is my Vagina, right?

I found my Vagina!

Perfect bodied and perky titted Bebot Joy Villa recently embarked upon a journey of personal self exploration that uncovered some amazing new areas. Joy was totally thrilled that she has now found her “happy place”. When we asked Joy what the future would bring for her now after this amazing discovery she commented that she was thrilled to have “finally found what she was looking for” and that she would be putting this happy thing to work as soon as possible.

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