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Nothing gets the party started like some giddy 18 year old girls!

Sexy Party!

Sexy Party!

I have to say that it’s pretty much impossible NOT to have some sort of sexy party while you are visiting Manila. All you need is a hotel room, a little bit of money and a couple of giggling 18 year olds like our girls here. I have to say that gravity and naughty girls just don’t mix well, as gravity always has a way of getting their clothes on the floor. Whis is pretty well what happened here after about 30 minutes.

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Manila homegirl Janice is sweet as sugar.

Nude Manila Homegirl

Nude Manila Homegirl

It’s a rare thing to come across a girl as cute as Jan who is so uninhibited and wild. She’s a real beauty and has such a sly and sultry smile. She did a completely wild little dance for us while she dropped her tube top and showed off her smoothly shaved pussy. I can’t wait for summer, cos the streets are going to be packed with beautiful amateur students like this.

Filipina Sex

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Manila teen Danica gyrates on top of her boyfriend.

She’s just 18 and Danica is already an expert at extracting semen. She can rev up and gyrate that petite and perfect body of hers like a pro. And watching those cute puffy nipples of hers bounce around will get you hard. I repeat, you will get an erection from Danica’s videos.

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More incredible Filipina Fetish girls. Busty and topless.

Busty Manila Bar Girl

In our endeavour to bring you the best of the wild Philippines sex industry we have something special. I think for those of you who do have a real Filipina Fetish this particular girl is the embodiment of what a perfect Filipina girl should be. And yes she does do hard core.

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Nothing makes a teen sexier than braces.

Teens with braces

A girl with braces on her teeth is like the icing on the cake. This is one of the last shots we got of Manila homegirl Maria before she went back to the Orthodontist and got her braces removed. And I can say they worked well cos the last time I saw her I got a winning smile. Wanna know how she paid for those braces? Well she worked her little moneymaker, that’s how.

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Flat chested Filipina vixen Maria is ready to rock your world.

Filipina flat chested vixen

I don’t think any other girl except for Alma Chua has created such a buzz so quickly as our new Manila bombshell Maria. She has that perfect petite and nubile look that I know a lot of you guys love. And yes this girl has nasty talents and does some wild on camera sex. You will not see it anywhere else…so stay tuned or check her out at Teen Filipina.

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Meet the new Filipina Queen Maria. Too cool for school.

Filipina Student

I’m pretty sure Maria is too cool for school. She is certainly too cool to be wearing her schoolgirl uniform, and as a matter of fact she stripped it off post haste. Maria is one of the new generation of Filipina girls we encounter in Manila these days. They are much more jaded and in touch with the world than the girls we met even just a couple of years ago. It is not uncommon to see these girls sporting an Iphone or some other ridiculously expensive accessory. Maria is hot as hell, and you are going to be seeing a lot more of her.

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Manila go go girl vomits semen.

Manila go go girl vomits

Another take on the famous semen vomiting session with Manila girl Edmilyn. By far our most requested series. The video is outrageous, and you will only see it online at Teen Filipina.

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The wonderful girls at The Filipina Cafe. A hot steaming cup of the Philippines finest.

Filipina Cafe

Nothing sweetens a cup of steaming hot Manila coffee like some sweet Filipina brown sugar. The Filipina Cafe has the finest in the islands. Hot, dark and intoxicating. 36 new girls every day and also many more online via webcam. Best of all it’s free. Free rocks. Be free. Check it out: The Filipina Cafe

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A little taste of things to come. Smoking hot and bedroom eyed Manila girl Joanne.

Smoking hot filipina bebot

Here’s a taste, and just a taste of our incredible new sweetheart Joanne. This girl is one of the most captivating Filipinas we have ever shot…Overwhelming bedroom eyes and a tight and perfect nude body. Are you ready?

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Incredible filipina beauty. This Manila student is a perfect 10.

Manila student

This sweet new bebot is one of a bunch of new girls you will be seeing a lot more of soon. She and her friends are a bunch of wild and free spirited Manila girls who are not afraid to have fun. These are not your run of the mill hideous cam girls or bar whores, but the sweetest girls in the PI. You will only see them here, and if you want to see more you can log in here to their nude galleries with your Teen Filipina access pass.

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Meet filipina new cummer Maria. Eighteen and already shaved.

Filipina Maria

Young girls these days are completely out of control. There was a study recently that said that 1 ouit of 4 teenage girls in the USa had a sexually transmitted disease. When I was a kid a blowjob was considered very edgy and anal sex was unheard of except in the Bible. Nowadays these things are just part of the everyday sexual experience. The fucking neighbourhood pharmacy has a whole shelf of lubes now. When Maria came over to do her shoot we didn’t know what to expect. Our buddy said she was eighteen and hot, and that was true. What we didn’t expect was for her to be a shaved freak. What a wonderful girl..tight bodied and nearly flat chested, this girl is destined for stardom.

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