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Behold the soapy breasty ecstacy of Alma Chua in a hot shower.

Alma Chua - Soapy with Manila’s top sex worker

There is nothing that comes close to the soapy ecstacy of Alma Chua in a hot shower. This girls tits are national treasures in the Philippines…And only here can you see them in this amazing slippery shower scene. There has been a bit of a scandal and speculation that Alma’s tits are so fine because she is pregnant. And there is even a story about a rich American snapping her up out of the Manila bar scene. Anyhow she is hot enough to raise the dead, and these pictures and videos are exclusive to Teen Filipina. If you want to see all of Alma’s pictures and videos you are just a click away, log in here with your Teen Filipina access pass.

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Asian LBFM girl caught naked in the tub. Shaved slippery and perfect.

Asian LBFM

Only a 18 year old girl can have a perfect body like this. And only a hot filipino LBFM girl like Edmilyn will let us watch her soap up her perfect shaved teenage body in the tub…Well for a small fee anyways. Naked and wet she looks like a sweet kitten, but this girl is one of the hottest go go and pole dancers in the Makati area go go clubs. Edmilyn is definitive of a wild new generation of young filipino women: ambitious, greedy and ruthless in getting what she wants. Her cell phone is full of foreign phone numbers and her purse is full of foreign cash. This girl works for her money and we have the video to prove it.

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Hands free massage: Only asian girls can do it right. Getting soapy and oily with a filipina.


I suppose the whole hands free and soapy massage thing hit the western consciousness with the first Emmanuelle movies hit the screens in the 1970’s (In my case it was “Emmanuelle in Bangkok”). Before that the only ones who knew about it where sailors and guys who had gone native during the Vietnam war. Nowadays everyone knows about this and the highlight of a whoremonger’s visit to asia is getting either a soapy massage or a bay oil rubdown. Here we have fresh 18 year old Angeles City girl Marcy getting the baby oil on in preparation of a full body hands free massage. Happy ending? A gentleman never tells.

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