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LBFM beauty with charming smile has shaking orgasms on video

Most of these picture sets that we feature here are shot alongside a video production. Sometimes the pictures are better than the video, but usually they are used as advertising to show whats going on. This is one of those videos that is almost too hot to watch as the girl has a warm and amazing smile and a kind of easygoing natural attitude that has here having shaking and convuilsing orgasms on video. Must see if you like this sort of Asian girl.

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I really hope you like young, fit and skinny Asian girls.

asiangf miranda

Well I think it’s readily apparent that this Asian chick is somewhat special. From the kicky “I got them drunk” tattoos through to the pierced tiny tits this girl has taught sexual encounter written all over her. Evidently these are some submitted pics of some guys GF.

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Erotic baby oil massage with sexy Asian teen Melodey

Baby oil massage

What is the best way to calm down a nervous Filipina cam girl? Well a sensuous baby oil massage of course! Cute 18 year old Melodey is purring like a kitten after getting oiled up and rubbed down with some warm baby oil.

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Wild and sexy mixed Filipina girl has screaming fun in the shower

Shower Orgasm

No I’m not exaggerating, this girl was absolutely screaming in the shower. And honestly who can blame her, she is so god damn sexy that if I was her I would be screaming all the time. This is the first photo set I have seen of her, and the guys at Teen Filipina say there is a major series to come with both hardcore pictures and videos. I really like mixed girls, and I like mixed Filipina girls the best. And any ways most Filipina’s are mixed somehow and it only makes them more exotic and sexier.

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Nude and nubile Filipina amateur shows off hot body and sexy attitude.

Nude Filipina Girl

I think one look into sexy Manila Amateur girl Rowana’s eyes will tell you that she is no stranger to danger. This girl knows she is hot stuff and is prepared to do whatever it takes and every hole and area of her hot young body to please her man. This is one of her first photo shoots and there are many more to come so hold on to your scrotum if you like hot Filipina girls.

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What do you guys think about Vietnamese girls?

Is she Vietnamese

I’m beginning to see more and more Vietnamese chicks all over the web. First there was our own Vietnamese cutie Kodye showing off her perfect ass, and then we started to see that Elly Tran Ha chick all over the Internet. Well today we have another photo set from our own smoking hot Tailee. Remember her fist nude photo set from last year? Of course you do. Well she is gorgeous, I mean almost perfect and today we have another sexy nude photo set from her. This girl’s ass is fabulous.

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Sexy Filipina new comer Tina strips off her mini skirt

Sexy Asian Girl

When Tina here walked into our offices I guess you could assume she got our undivided attention. We get a lot of girls looking for work, but very few are keepers like this that just walk in and know what they want to do. Tina is gorgeous and sweet, but with a sexual confidence that comes through in her pictures. This was just her first sex photo shoot, many more to come!

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Asian teen Mae is back and can’t wait to wriggle out of her bikini

Korean Teen Mae

Nothing makes a cute girl hotter than the right clothes, or lack thereof. When Mae had this little string bikini on she new everyone could see her asshole and she loved it. This girls has a cute little anus like a baby kitten and she loves to wave it all in your face. We have been doing quite a few posts on Mae these days, she has become one of our most requested girls and we have shot a ton of new pics and videos over at Teen Filipina, click here for more Asian and Filipina sex!

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Young and nubile new Filipina model Gerry.

Nubile Filipina Babe

Nubile Filipina Babe

All I can say is wow. We met this girl last fall and made some tentative arrangements to do a photo shoot. All of that happened last weekend and we just got the pics and were so blown away that we dropped everything to get them online as soon as possible. Meet Gerry. She’s a student in the Manila area and she is incredible.

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Thank god for skinny girls! I love them.

Skinny Filipina Girl

One interesting thing about running a blog like this is that you get access to a lot of statistics, and because of that you can find out a few curious truths. One thing is that the voluptuous girls whom you would think would get a lot of clicks don’t…It’s the skinny and flat chested girls who get all of the activity. So in keeping with this scientific truth I would like to present the skinny teenage ecstacy that is 18 year old Edmilyn in the shower. Enjoy!

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Nothing makes a teen sexier than braces.

Teens with braces

A girl with braces on her teeth is like the icing on the cake. This is one of the last shots we got of Manila homegirl Maria before she went back to the Orthodontist and got her braces removed. And I can say they worked well cos the last time I saw her I got a winning smile. Wanna know how she paid for those braces? Well she worked her little moneymaker, that’s how.

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Skinny third world girls. I love these thin Filipina girls.

Filipina Nudist

One of the best things about the unfortunately dodgy situation in the Philippines is that a lot of these countryside girls from farming villages actually grew up eating a pretty healthy diet. Now I am not saying that everyone has enough…But my point is that they are not likely to have grown up eating Cheesburgers. So a lot of these girls have wonderful svelte figures. Edmilyn is so proud of her skinny nubile body…She is not ashamed of it at all. But don’t let the cute looks fool you…Edmilyn is a dirty little semen eating kitten. If you want to see some of her wild hardcore photos take a look at the picture page at Teen Filipina. Can you believe it’s the same girl?

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Flat chested, shaved and ready. Manila bombshell Sheila can do more with less.

Flat Chested Bar Girl

It doesn’t look like Sheila has a lot…But don’t be fooled. This flat chested babe knows how to gyrate that slim and nubile body like a snake up on the go go pole. What she does have she knows how to use. She’s no wallflower and does it all including some wildly hardcore oral semen eating. This is one Filipina babe you are going to love.

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More of Filipina wild girl Bebot. Young and wild in Makati!

Wild filipina nude student

Last weeks post we made on Makati girl Bebot was one of the most popular in recent months. Like we said before this is one of the new exclusive babes you will only see on Teen Filipina…The world’s number one website for those of you that like Filipina Girls. You are going to be seeing a lot more of this girl and her friends in months to come…But if you want to see it all now you are just gonna have to pay. The hunnies don’t come cheap.

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Annie Cruz gives us a taste of her 10000 rpm jungle loving.

Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz is like some sort of wild chainsaw that has only two settings…Insane 10000 rpm fucking and off. You better be wearing a hockey helmet before you tangle with this honee. Yes she does anal. Yes she will fuck you up bad. She gyrates this giant cock into a juicy oblivion in living color. This is a wild video that is not to be missed if you love the wicked bebot honees.

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OMFG! I found my Vagina! This is my Vagina, right?

I found my Vagina!

Perfect bodied and perky titted Bebot Joy Villa recently embarked upon a journey of personal self exploration that uncovered some amazing new areas. Joy was totally thrilled that she has now found her “happy place”. When we asked Joy what the future would bring for her now after this amazing discovery she commented that she was thrilled to have “finally found what she was looking for” and that she would be putting this happy thing to work as soon as possible.

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Meet filipina new cummer Maria. Eighteen and already shaved.

Filipina Maria

Young girls these days are completely out of control. There was a study recently that said that 1 ouit of 4 teenage girls in the USa had a sexually transmitted disease. When I was a kid a blowjob was considered very edgy and anal sex was unheard of except in the Bible. Nowadays these things are just part of the everyday sexual experience. The fucking neighbourhood pharmacy has a whole shelf of lubes now. When Maria came over to do her shoot we didn’t know what to expect. Our buddy said she was eighteen and hot, and that was true. What we didn’t expect was for her to be a shaved freak. What a wonderful girl..tight bodied and nearly flat chested, this girl is destined for stardom.

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