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Time for a little bit of spicy Thai…

Thai Girls

We haven’t done anything on busty Thai bombshell Irene Fah in ages so I thought it would be time to post some pics and remind you that she is completely awesome. You know there is some guy, some where in the world who is riding this tonight. Whomever you are sir, I salute you.

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Who likes sideboobs? we do, and here is busty Irene Fah’s sideboob.


So to make up for our crappy last post (the Bai Ling Mugshot), which we are sure had you vomiting.. we are now going to bring you the finest selection of sideboobs the continent of Asia has to offer. And who best to be pronounced Miss Sideboob for February 2008 but our own beloved Irene Fah. This girl has it all…she’s got both boob volume and a sexy sway. You just got to love it. And I think I am starting to develop a bikini fetish as well…So this gallery fixes all my needs. It doesn’t get better than this…Log in here with your teen filipina access pass to see all of Irene Fah’s pictures and movies.

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Is Irene Fah aka Opal Lee working in Bangkok massage parlours?

Opal Lee

So I have been reading a lot of talk on some international whoremonger message boards like sammyboy’s that it may actually be possible (if you have the cash and connections) to ride girls like Nancy Ho, Irene Fah and Sandra Ma while you are in Bangkok. It certainly is possible to see these girls perform, and I have heard that Irene Fah aka Ople Ausinee has been working at massage parlours and clubs like Amsterdam, Poseidon or Utopia. Also white Hot Natt Chanapa aka Nong Natt aka Nett Kesarin has her own troupe of coyote dancers. And if you have some big money and can’ find these girls there are plenty of new faces who are just as spectacular. So here is a great photo shoot of the perfect and incredible Irene Fah done by our guy Jeff in Bangkok. If you like the pictures you can easily see the movie, just click here and log into your Teen Filipina account.

Oh how many names does this girl have that we know about? Irene Fah aka Opal Lee aka Ople Ausinee aka Ho Hang Ping. It seems that she has a name that is easy to pronounce for any type of Farang.

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