Teen Filipina Girls
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Thank god for skinny girls! I love them.

Skinny Filipina Girl

One interesting thing about running a blog like this is that you get access to a lot of statistics, and because of that you can find out a few curious truths. One thing is that the voluptuous girls whom you would think would get a lot of clicks don’t…It’s the skinny and flat chested girls who get all of the activity. So in keeping with this scientific truth I would like to present the skinny teenage ecstacy that is 18 year old Edmilyn in the shower. Enjoy!

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Sultry Manila school girl Maria. This is why I have a Filipina Fetish.

Filipina Fetish

I guess it’s impossible to pick any one girl to show as an example of why we all have a Filipina Fetish, but sultry Manila student Maria comes close. She’s just 18, but already she has that sultry smile and those knowing eyes that tell you that any encounter with a girl like this will be memorable. In fact I doubt if you could actually handle it. Oh and wait it does get better…we will soon be unveiling some great hardcore scenes featuring this girl.

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Flat chested Filipina vixen Maria is ready to rock your world.

Filipina flat chested vixen

I don’t think any other girl except for Alma Chua has created such a buzz so quickly as our new Manila bombshell Maria. She has that perfect petite and nubile look that I know a lot of you guys love. And yes this girl has nasty talents and does some wild on camera sex. You will not see it anywhere else…so stay tuned or check her out at Teen Filipina.

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