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I don’t think this girl has ever had a facial before.

Filipina Sex Diary

Meet 18 year old Akira, she is the newest girl over at Filipina Sex Diary. And judging from these pics she has no problems with getting naked and showing off her hot little LBFM body. But it does seem she begins to get a little flustered and wild after getting pounded by this guys big peen. She really gives her sexy all and it’s pretty hot to watch her deal with a face full of semen.

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Filipina Sex Diary presents teen sex toys Nica and Sally

Filipina Girls

I don’t think there is any image I have seen recently that so perfectly illustrates the girl trouble you can get up to in the Philippines. I think the only place that is worse then Manila for pure feminine mayhem is maybe Pattaya but who knows. These places in Asian should be designated as world heritage sites as there are so few places left in the world where a guy can go buck wild with as many 18 year old chicks as he can afford. Big thanks to the guys at Filipina Sex Diary for keeping the dream alive.

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Ready to cool down? Not going to happen. This wet and soapy Filipina girl aims to heat you up!

Cooling down naked

I don’t know where you live but here it has been a particularily brutal winter and that has followed a summer last year that was really not a summer at all. But it seems it just might be warming up here, just a little bit at least. SO it is that time of the year to start up with our customary “lets cool down with a Filipina girl” posts featuring wet and wild nude Filipina teens. Today here is a great set of Manila amateur chick Rowena splashing about in the shower. Hope it either cools you down or warms you up, whatever you require.

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This Filipina hottie is not at all happy about getting blasted

Filipina Facial

From the look on this girls face it would seem she doesn’t find taking a cum shot as an erotic experience. In fact everyone says Filipina girls are in general cum dodgers and maybe that could be said to be true for the ones from the Islands. The Flip girls in Cali will let you do anything if they find you either rich or charming.

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This is the face of a perfect 18 year old LBFM. Meet sexy Filipina hottie Christine.


In terms of what most guys are looking for in a Filipina girl friend this girl can provide it all. First of she is thin and fit and one thing I don’t like about a lot of Filipina’s is that they dont’ keep themselves in shape. And Chris here has the most passionate set of burning eyes. You know you are going to be in for a rough ride with this beauty.

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