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So just how much lube will it take to get these toys into Edmilyn’s pussy?

Anal Lube

So up until she came to Manila this girl hadn’t had so much as a tampon in her perfect tight snatch. It was clear it was going to be a struggle in more ways than one to get this vibrator into the girl, and a smile on the girls face. One cool thing about Edmilyn is that she isn’t scared of technology at all…I think back in her village she was working a water buffalo and in one week in Manila she had a mobile phone, satellite tv and approximately 20 ICQ boyfriends she was working for cash. It’s pretty impressive, as a lot of the other girls are amazed by electric light lol.. So Edmilyn was a sport and we have the pics to prove it. The square peg can fit in the round hole if you use enough lube.

Filipina farmgirl Mica. Back in Manila by popular demand

Mica from Manila

It just goes to show that in this business you can never know what is going to be a hit. We posted our first article on Mica last month (see it here) and much to our surprise this girl has been a big hit. She is pretty typical of the hundreds of farm girls who come to Manila each day looking for work…One dead giveaway is her long hair….The peasant girls all have it. I think you will be seeing a lot more of this girl and her friends…Log in with your Teen Filipina access pass to take a look at all her pics and videos.

Fresh faced Thai bikini dancer Toon. The hottest thing in Nana Plaza.

Bikini Dancer

We have a guy scouting in Bangkok all the time, and he often hits the Japanese go go bars in Nana Plaza. On his last trip he saw all the Japanese guys going wild over this cute faced pole dancer. So our photo guy has just sent over some new photo shoots and one of them is of this brand new girl Toon. On behalf of the sex industry I would like to express a hearty welcome to this sweet new girl. I think it took about a week between her eighteenth birthday and the time she was pole dancing in Nana Plaza. She is petite, cute and hot with a super tight pussy and anus….and that cute face has all of the creepy Japanese tourists excited. Actually the Thai girls are a bit wary of the Japanese, as some of them have some pretty insane fetishes, and I have even heard about them putting out cigarettes on the girls etc. This girl will be making some big bank, and we are proud to be the first to bring her to you. That’s right her name really is “toon”.

Meet Jane. Meet Jane’s asshole.


For me the perfect girl is one of those with an anal hotspot. You know, the sort of girl who is always rubbing her cathole up on you like a kitten marking it’s territory. Well Jane is that kind of girl…And she has a perfect cat’s anus. Jane is one of our newest girls…She lives in Manila and is a nursing student by day and a slut by night. Gotta pay that tuition, right girls? So I know you are going to love her, and if you want to see all of her pics and videos log in here with your Teen Filipina access pass.

Joy Villa rides her creepy suitcase pimp boyfriend.

Suitcase Pimp

It seems that every hot girl in the sex industry has some sort of creepy boyfriend behind her, just like Britney has K-Fed. They are known in the biz as suitcase pimps. In the porn industry, a suitcase pimp is an unemployed boyfriend/husband of a porn star who takes care of the details of the star’s personal and/or business affairs. Sometimes these girls will only have sex with their pimps and that was the case with Joy. We invited them both back to the Hacienda here and got some great video of Joy writhing her nubile body. Of course a small fee was involved.

Thai Babe Opal Lee aka Irene Fah aka Ho Hang Ping aka Ople Ausanee nude.

Ople Ausinee

So I have come to the conclusion that this girl is even hotter than Natt Chanapa….I would rate the breasts the same but Irene Fah has the edge in having that cute face. The last post we did about her a few days back was a great success and we are presenting another great gallery from some of her nude Bangkok photo shoots. Are you getting confused about the name of this girl? I mean you see her on one site as Irene Fah, the next site offers her as Opal Lee and then you see her on Penthouse magazine as Ople Ausanee. I’ve heard that she did a shoot for Shaveasian under the name of Ho Hang Ping but who knows for sure. She used the name Irene with our photographer Jeff. In any event this girl could give a dead man an erection…She is asian perfection through and through.

Behold – This girl has nipples that are both puffy and pointy!

Puffy Nipples

We came across Nong in one of our trips to Bangkok about a year ago and we were totally blown away. This girl doesn’t just have puffy nipples, she has an amazing puffy pointy nipple combo. So you can tell by her recent and crappy whore tattoo that she is another cadavar for the sex industry…And therefore it only took a few dollars to get her into the photo studio to to a special phot examination of these amazing breasts. I don’t know what is up with girls these days…they seem to want to almost demand to be fucked in the ass. And yah her nipples did get hard when I did.

Third world girls: Forced to make their own sex toys.

Sex Toy

The women of the third world face many challenges, and not to be forgotten is their need for equal sexual pleasure. These brave women try to make do with all the bounty the jungle can provide: Bananas, mangoes and all the forest critters. I guess everyone knows that scene from “City of God” where the women talk about putting a banana in the front end while their man is in their back end. So our girl Edmilyn is as resourceful as any jungle girl….And here she constructs her own pleasure machine from some stuff she found in our hotel room. We salute you brave third world girls.

Reverse anal punishment: Unfaithful men beware!

Anal Sex

So if you are actually dating one of these bargirls you are going to face a few special temptations. Firstly you are going to be out at the go go clubs looking at nubile and nude writhing girls all the time. You are also going to have to deal with your woman’s friends, who are all white hot tramps. And you are going to have to deal with all the other girls as well who will fuck for pennies and will do anything to get you, especially if you are a foreigner. Chances are you are going to cheat, and chances are you will get caught. So what do these girls do to punish their guys? Hard core reverse anal. You will never cheat again after one of these girls gets done with your ass…They are going to punish you, and look for payback for all the shit they take for men each day. But a piece of shit like you is probably gonna enjoy it, right?

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