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The wild joys of anal sex

only for pooping

If there ever was a surprised face that says butts are only for pooping then this is it. As far as I know this is Ariel’s first attempt at doing anal on video and it is not to be missed. Between her facial expressions and watching her cute puffy nipples bounce this is pretty damn hot stuff.

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Asian girls who love anal sex.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is not every girls idea of a good time. Most girls can never relax enough to enjoy it or they are just too freaked out by the idea in the first place. For some girls it just plain hurts. But there are those wonderful girl who love it and love giving special services to their men. And one of my fave Asian porn stars who does this oh so well is Evelyn Lin. She only has done a few anal scenes so far but they are all scorchers, and this one is by far my fave.

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Chinese sex doll Evelyn Lin assumes the position.

Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin strikes me as one of those girls who was a wonderful kid…Piano lessons, straight A’s on the report card, perfect. Then puberty hit and all hell broke loose. I can only imagine her parents where aghast at the transformation from the perfect daughter to teenage temptress. Every neighbourhood has one of those vixens in a slidy tube top making every one nuts and I’m guessing that was exactly what our girl Evelyn was up to. God bless her.

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A little taste of Evelyn Lin.

We got a lot of feedback about our last Evelyn Lin post, some of which was disbelief that she does hardcore. Issue closed. Expect another Evelyn picture post soon…

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Chinese adult starlet Evelyn Lin shaved and nude!

Evelyn Lin

20 year old Evelyn Lin is one of the new wild cats of the asian adult movie scene. There is nothing this girl won’t do….Yah I recently saw her do a DP anal scene on one of her DVD’s. She is pretty well unashamed and unabashed about what she does…She tells all on Myspace and in other public forums.
I feel that this is one of her hottest non-hardcore video shoots…I love the look on her face when she is squeezing those tiny titties. A must see porn event at Teen Filipina.

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Annie Cruz gives us a taste of her 10000 rpm jungle loving.

Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz is like some sort of wild chainsaw that has only two settings…Insane 10000 rpm fucking and off. You better be wearing a hockey helmet before you tangle with this honee. Yes she does anal. Yes she will fuck you up bad. She gyrates this giant cock into a juicy oblivion in living color. This is a wild video that is not to be missed if you love the wicked bebot honees.

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Reverse anal punishment: Unfaithful men beware!

Anal Sex

So if you are actually dating one of these bargirls you are going to face a few special temptations. Firstly you are going to be out at the go go clubs looking at nubile and nude writhing girls all the time. You are also going to have to deal with your woman’s friends, who are all white hot tramps. And you are going to have to deal with all the other girls as well who will fuck for pennies and will do anything to get you, especially if you are a foreigner. Chances are you are going to cheat, and chances are you will get caught. So what do these girls do to punish their guys? Hard core reverse anal. You will never cheat again after one of these girls gets done with your ass…They are going to punish you, and look for payback for all the shit they take for men each day. But a piece of shit like you is probably gonna enjoy it, right?

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