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Facing an uncomfortable big cock outside

Thai hooker sex

I get the impression from watching this that there were a lot of people watching and she didn’t really know what to do with a cock that was so big. Very hot indeed.

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LBFM cutie groans up on top

LBFM Oral Sex

There is a saying in Thailand: “She went south to sell her mouth” and I gather that somewhat applies here. Click to see gallery.

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LBFM girl writhing wildly while impaled on a big cock

These pics capture the squirming pretty well but I am afraid you will have to take a look at the video to really get the whole effect. This girl is absolutely a cat on a hot tin roof while she is on this guys cock. Just too big and too satisfying.

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Meeting some of the new girls. Here is Zara from Bangkok.

Thai Adult Video

We have only briefly seen some content of this girl before in the form of a cute picture set. But now we have seen it all and Zara has graduated into the realms of adult stardom. This is part of a huge hardcore picture series that was taken during an HD video shoot. Must see if you like fresh Thai girls like this.

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LBFM beauty with charming smile has shaking orgasms on video

Most of these picture sets that we feature here are shot alongside a video production. Sometimes the pictures are better than the video, but usually they are used as advertising to show whats going on. This is one of those videos that is almost too hot to watch as the girl has a warm and amazing smile and a kind of easygoing natural attitude that has here having shaking and convuilsing orgasms on video. Must see if you like this sort of Asian girl.

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Sexy short haired Asian girl has sex on video

A lot of the videos we see sort of fit the same format and there is a lot that is the same about the girls. But this time we have a really cute pixie cut Asian tomboy. But that’s not the only unusual thing in this video as it seems the girl gets a little bit undone by this guys big cock and all of the unexpected pleasure she experiences.

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Do you have a fetish for nude Thai girls as well?

Well I hope you do have a fetish for Thai girls because this post is featuring a photo set taken during a very hot video shoot in Bangkok. She is skinny and fit, but her ass is just big enough to make it all interesting. She really pounds this guy into a sort of pleasureable submission. And oh yeah, there is a video that goes along to this so be sure to check it all out.

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Skinny Asian girl has oral battle with huge ovipositor


This girl is so cute and skinny and petite and the guys cock is so huge this pictyure looks like something out of a science fiction movie where the alians are trying to fertilize her in a rather unconventional way. And yes there is a video of this and indeed it is just as amazing as these pics would have you believe

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Cock shocked LBFM hooker gets completely stuffed


I can imagine that this girl showed up at the photo shoot thinking she could handle anything. A lot of these girls think they have seen anything, and many of them probably have seen everything. But I think even this girl was shocked at how big this guys dick was, and she actually squeaked and squirmed in pleasure as her chick duct got blocked all the way up to her uterus.

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Do you have a fetish for skinny Asian girls?

Too skinny

Face facts. The situation with obesity at home has degenerated to the point that all a white girl has to do to be attractive these days is not be fat. So we know you are here for the skinny girls and today we are going to deliver. Here is yet another almost too thin for sex Asian babe.

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The cutest teen girls nude at Filipina Trike Patrol


Prepare to be tugging at your junk when you get a look at what we consider to be the best girls at Trike Patrol for 2015. The youngest, most nubile and wildest Filipina girls in the Islands.

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It’s time for some more Filipina fetish girls

Filipina Fetish

It’s certainly been a while since we did a feature, but in that time we have never lost our fetish for beautiful Filipina LBFM girls. So to help everyone get back in the swing of things here is one of our new faves. She is a bit skinny but makes up for it all with boundless sexual enthusiasm.

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We are back with a stunning new LBFM girl

LBFM girl

So we have slipped way behind on our posts here and have decided to get the ball rolling once again with a top notch new girl. Meet Beer (now that’s a bar girls name if I have ever heard one) one of the stunning new LBFm girls we are featuring now. Yes she has a video, and yes it is a scream.

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Hey do you have a Filipina fetish? Maybe this will help you out.

penis pleaser

I think one of the main reasons we see so many guys with Filipina fetish issues is that the girls are so genuine and really seem to be willing to please there men. Most of the girls we feature here are not professionals by any means, and are generally doing this for a little bit of money or just for fun with their BF’s. But they certainly go the extra mile every time and deliver an experience that their men will never forget.

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School is out and this Filipina student is out of her uniform


There is something about a long hot summer that over time seems to break down everyone’s inhibitions and the girls who said they would never pose naked are now posing naked. Just 18 and fresh out of school a month ago this chick is now flaunting her body and loving the attention.

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Do you like girls with tan lines?


Tan lines seem to drive some guys wild, and it is often pretty rare to see them on Asian women as they prefer to stay out of the sun. The tan lines make the girl here and only add to her wild amateur beauty.

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Pure LBFM perfection. Take a look at this girl.


I suppose you have heard of Helen of Troy and the face that launched a thousand ships. Well right now you are looking at the LBFM that launched a thousand 747’s to Angeles City. 18 year old girls like this are the holy grail for gusy who love Filipina girls.

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Oh hai, don’t mind me I’m just gonna ride you until I scream.


There are some very few girls who are in this for kicks and their own pleasure as well as the money and they are usually completely unabashed about sex. For the most part these are the girls who are new to the industry and not yet worn out or jaded. Well this all fits this girl to a t, she is fresh and she really seem to love sex.

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LBFM girls like this drive me crazy

Trike Patrol

This girl is a textbook, and I mean perfect example of a LBFM girl with a perfect LBFM body. When the girls like this walk down the street in Angeles let me tell you all eyes gaze their way. There is something special about these fit, skinny and nubile LBFM babes and I have literally seen fights break out over them in the bar streets. This girl is one of a few new girls over at Trike Patrol who really capture the the real flavor of the whole bar girl experience and are simply must see.

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Our guy gets pounded by a horny LBFM


All of these girls are amateurs, and some of them are very raw amateurs. But in general most of them know they are putting on a performance and they tend to change their behavior in front of the camera a bit. Well not today. This wildly horny LBFM came in wide and wild eyed, got oiled up and bounced on the guy until he squirted all over her. One of the most enthusiastic LBFM girls we have ever seen.

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Washing up with a petite Asian penis pleaser


This looks like some sort of scene from a seedy movie where the hooker is washing up her client before heading off for a hands free massage and sex. Well guess what! That’s exactly whats going on here. Meet the very petite and sexy Rorie from Trike Patrol in her first ever nude shoot.

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There’s a two for one special running over at Filipina Sex Diary right now!


Having two girls fight over your affections is quite probably the dream of every man alive. And guess what, if you have the cash this is probably possible for you in Asia. I once heard a story about a guy in China who had a couple of cute cleaning girls who did a lot more than clean. And I am guessing the situation the guys at Filipina Sex Diary got into is much the same, why get one girl when you can have two.

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Gorgeous Asian bar girls go ass to ass in girl on girl session


What can you do with money on your Asian vacation? Why as many bargirls as possible of course, and why not some ass to ass? Ok a lot of these girls will not do anything anal as in their culture as their butts are primarily for pooping. However you can almost certainly arrange something along these lines. I really like these girls, one is very fun loving and ready to play, and the other is so turned on by having sex for the cameras she is practically shaking.

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Very cute amateur short time girl picked up somewhere in Manila


On the weekends you will often see this sort of girl somewhere on the streets. And by this sort of girl I mean a student who is out on the weekend to make a few dollars. The thing that usually sets girls like these apart is that they are sometimes very hot and very fresh and will only have sex with you if they like you.

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Coffee colored and cute dark skinned Filipina babe Rikki.


I feel that if you are going to admire Asian women then why not go all out and learn to appreciate those that are the most exotic. When I look at a girl like Rikki here there is an immediate calming effect, and I am taken to a dream world of white beaches, sun and drinks that have little umbrellas on them.

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