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Girl on girl asian soapy massage with Filipina bebots Joy Villa and Tanya!

Soapy Massage

What is a soapy massage? After choosing the Filipina girl of your dreams you proceed to your private room which will usuall have a shower, bathtub and an air matress. will undress you, bathe you, kiss and fondle you, and rub and scrub you like you have never been rubbed and scrubbed before. All this happens before lying you down on a matt on the floor and soaping your body down in prep for an authentic wild soapy massage. The girls use their own bodies to massage you (often called a hands free massage), and because they are all lubricated with slippery soap the feeling of having their perfect petite nubile bodies on top of you is incredible. Today we have a video of a girl on girl soapy play session, starring Joy Villa and once again the amazing flat chested Tanya Cruz.

Flat chested asian girls. Oversexed and over there!

Flat chested bar girl

Flat chested filipina dynamo is back in these exclusive shots…I always find that flat chested girls are wildly oversexed and will do anything to compensate for their shortcomings. Tanya is well known in the Makati go go scene and does a lot of dancing at the high end clubs with the “touch tables”. She looks great wiggling that slim ass around.

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Do you want to see all of Alma Chua? Well we have it all.

Alma Chua

Alma Chua is by far our all time most popular girl…And she is one of the most searched for Filipina beauties on the Internet. And only we can bring you ALL of her picture sets and videos. Other sites may say they have her, but really it is only an excerpt or even some of our content with our logo t-shirts omitted. When god created Alma Chua he spared no expense….She is a raw, perfect natural woman. If you want to see all of her pics and videos use your Teen Filipina access pass to log in here.

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Is Irene Fah aka Opal Lee working in Bangkok massage parlours?

Opal Lee

So I have been reading a lot of talk on some international whoremonger message boards like sammyboy’s that it may actually be possible (if you have the cash and connections) to ride girls like Nancy Ho, Irene Fah and Sandra Ma while you are in Bangkok. It certainly is possible to see these girls perform, and I have heard that Irene Fah aka Ople Ausinee has been working at massage parlours and clubs like Amsterdam, Poseidon or Utopia. Also white Hot Natt Chanapa aka Nong Natt aka Nett Kesarin has her own troupe of coyote dancers. And if you have some big money and can’ find these girls there are plenty of new faces who are just as spectacular. So here is a great photo shoot of the perfect and incredible Irene Fah done by our guy Jeff in Bangkok. If you like the pictures you can easily see the movie, just click here and log into your Teen Filipina account.

Oh how many names does this girl have that we know about? Irene Fah aka Opal Lee aka Ople Ausinee aka Ho Hang Ping. It seems that she has a name that is easy to pronounce for any type of Farang.

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Third world girls. Thank heaven for shaky currencies and banana republics.

Third World Girl

Ah I love those third world girls. Thank heaven for petty dictators, rampant inflation, widespread corruption and all the other things that make my money go a long long way in some very crappy places. If it wasn’t for this I would never get my hands on such a fine Filipina pussy as Joy Villa. This girl has a taught firm body that she can gyrate like a tornado on top of your cock. Compare that with your cheeseburger fed balloon women back in the states. Less is more, believe me. So this petite LBFM is white hot and only we have the video. Just log into your Teen filipina account here and go to the movie area. Enjoy.

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Is Asian Fever a problem for you? Bangkok girl Pat can help treat you, and yes she does do hardcore.

Asian Fever

I know you have asian fever or you wouldn’t even be reading this. But what do you know about Hustler’s Asian Fever video series? Well Hustler is one of the few adult companies that have the money and the clout to talk a sweet girl like Pat into doing hardcore. You see, Pat is the star of Asian Fever Volume 20…And she gets banged by a huge white cock, analed and facialized so harshly everyone is still talking about it. It isn’t often that a real cute beauty like this girl will do unbridled hardcore, but we have her on video. So you are probably pretty curious about what a buxom and cute girl like this is like in the sack. Well it isn’t going to be a mystery for long because Pat is actually the start of one of Hustler’s Asian Fever movies. Just log into your Teen Filipina account here and go to the Asian Fever movie area. Click on Volume 20 and voila, there she is. Not to be missed if you like the cute and busty asian girls.

Filipina sex worker Go go dancer by night

Makati go go dancer

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Asian LBFM girl caught naked in the tub. Shaved slippery and perfect.

Asian LBFM

Only a 18 year old girl can have a perfect body like this. And only a hot filipino LBFM girl like Edmilyn will let us watch her soap up her perfect shaved teenage body in the tub…Well for a small fee anyways. Naked and wet she looks like a sweet kitten, but this girl is one of the hottest go go and pole dancers in the Makati area go go clubs. Edmilyn is definitive of a wild new generation of young filipino women: ambitious, greedy and ruthless in getting what she wants. Her cell phone is full of foreign phone numbers and her purse is full of foreign cash. This girl works for her money and we have the video to prove it.

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Nude asian gymnast wants to show you her perfect nubile body and tiny anus.

Naked Gymnast

Have you ever wondered what those petite tight bodied gymnasts look like under their speedos? Eriko is a genuine gymnast from Oregon. Truly I wouldn’t say she is asian, more like Amerasian or Hapa as her mother is Japanese and her dad is some sort of white guy. Eriko has a perfect body, and unbeliveably tiny orifices. I doubt I could even get my little finger in her anus even with a lot of lube. We have a couple more picture set of Eriko and if you want to see them please leave a comment.

Filipina Domestics. I’m willing to bet our Filipina maid service is better than yours.

Filipina Domestic

So how many times have you read lately that some guy is having sex with his filipina maid. In fact even the idea of a filipina maid has been compromised throughout the world, and it has largely become synonymous with “sex worker”. Where does the fault in this all lie? Well largely with the press for sensationalizing anything sordid. So our girl Alma here is not a real domestic, but we all thought it would be fun to do a little sex play on the filipina maid theme. Alma is not bothered by it as she is living large and is nobody’s servant. She looked great in this little french maid costume…It could barely contain what are considered the best breasts in the Philippines. This is a hot picture set and the video is even hotter. Enjoy your fantasy.

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Bangkok pole dancer Paula loses her bikini but keeps her queen bitch attitude.

Bangkok Pole Dancer

Pole dancing is taking the world by storm…even being taught in respectable ladies workout classes. Thailand is of course famous for it’s go-go dancing bars, but times change and pole dancing is becoming a lot more common. In fact most of the small dives will have a pole right on the bar (I saw this a lot in Pattaya way too much actually..) or even offer smaller private tables with poles and girls right in the middle. Some of the Soi Cowboy places are like this and almost all of the high end Nana Plaza clubs that cater to wealthy Japanese tourists have poles. So our girl Paula has a perfect pole dancer’s body…long smooth and shaved. And those incredible eyes…you can see the smouldering hate and queen bitch attitude. Our photographer in BKK Jeff lured Paula away for a day to do a little shoot back at the hotel and here is the result. Thai girl perfection. So come on and take a better look at our girl Paula.

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Wanna see all of the pictures of all of your favourite Filipina girls!

Filipina Sex

So there are a lot of Filipina websites these days so where can you go to see your favorite girls and all of the pics? To the world’s number one and original Filipina fetish website. See all of your favourite girls and their complete photo sets, not just excerpts. Today we are featuring another one of our exclusive shoots of Edmilyn…Edmilyn is our #1 most searched for and requested girl so enjoy the gallery and if you want to see the video head over to the site.

Filipina prostitute Chantal says: I want to make it perfectly clear I am fucking you for your money

Filipina prostitute

Take a deep look into Filipina prostitute Chantal’s eyes and you can see just how much she hates you and everything about you. She wants to make it perfectly clear to you it’s only about the money, and that if she didn’t really need it there is no way she would even talk to a fat balding foreign loser like you. To her LBFM means Limp, Bald, Fat, Male. So please enjoy this gallery, but make sure you leave the cash on the dresser. Thank you, that is all.

Hands free massage: Only asian girls can do it right. Getting soapy and oily with a filipina.


I suppose the whole hands free and soapy massage thing hit the western consciousness with the first Emmanuelle movies hit the screens in the 1970’s (In my case it was “Emmanuelle in Bangkok”). Before that the only ones who knew about it where sailors and guys who had gone native during the Vietnam war. Nowadays everyone knows about this and the highlight of a whoremonger’s visit to asia is getting either a soapy massage or a bay oil rubdown. Here we have fresh 18 year old Angeles City girl Marcy getting the baby oil on in preparation of a full body hands free massage. Happy ending? A gentleman never tells.

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Crazy Yaba addicted thai girl. Check out her prison tattoos!

Yaba addiction

For those of you who don’t know what Yaba is….It’s a cheap Thai version of speed that is available almost everywhere in Bangkok and its abuse has reahed epidemic proportions. Gigi is a classic example of a girl gone wrong due to drugs. Cute as a button…but she started taking Yaba in school and it all went wrong for her. It’s clear some people have addictive personalities and even that first smoke or hit of Yaba finishes them. Gigi never had a chance and now she peddles her ass to pay for her problems. Can you believe such a sweet girl has so many prison tattoos? Well she aint so sweet. And we have all the pics and video.

Flat chested and petite asian Gymnast Eriko: I’m oversexed with wild daddy issues.

Naked Gymnast

Everyone harbours some sort of fantasy of seeing one of those little hardbody gymnasts Naked. Meet Japanese-American girl Eriko. Here we have another flat chested asian girl who is overcompensating for her shortcomings by getting involved in the adult industry. And remember what I have said 100 times about flat chested girls? If you want the ride of your life get a flat chested girl. They are all oversexed and have crazy psychological complexes. Is there anyone reading this who doesn’t think this girl was bullied in high school for being flat chested and the only Asian? Sure she is cute as hell now but those wounds will take a long time to heal. All that and the fact that her parents wanted her to be a doctor…I’m pretty sure this girl can play doctor but that’s about it. So Eriko is Amerasian, she is half Japanese and half white trash. If you want to see all of flat chested Eriko’s picture gallery click here

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Puffy nipple perfection. Huge perfect gravity defying perfect breasts and puffy nipples.

puffy nipples

Semen covered erect puffy nipples on huge perfect gravity defying breasts. This is exactly what you wanted to see when you checked out all the pics of the topless native girls in National Geographic. This filipina girl is perfect, outstanding really in every sense of the word. Can you imagine how these things bounce when she has sex? And what they look like with semen dripping off of them? Well we know, we have all the pictures. Do you want to see the video? Come on over and take a look here.

Alma Chua: The undisputed queen of filipina bar girls.

Celebrity Alma Chua

Alma Chua is the atomic sized breasted queen of all the filipina bar girls without a doubt. No one else has even come close to her achievements, and I think a lot of these country girls look up to her. She has become quite a scandalous celebrity back in Manila, even hosting her own TV show for a while. Basically she and all the other girls who have gone wrong in the sex industry go on and tell their stories and cry for forgiveness. Cos the Philippines is a largely Catholic country they really understand forgiveness and atonement etc.. Alma is a force of nature and one of the few girls I know who has broken out of the downward spiral of the Angeles City bar scene. You can see all of this Alma Chua gallery here. And of course if you want more you should know that she is entirely exclusive to Teen Filipina.