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Sexy short haired Asian girl has sex on video

A lot of the videos we see sort of fit the same format and there is a lot that is the same about the girls. But this time we have a really cute pixie cut Asian tomboy. But that’s not the only unusual thing in this video as it seems the girl gets a little bit undone by this guys big cock and all of the unexpected pleasure she experiences.

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The dreaded over the shoulder surprise cum shot!


Well I guess it was hardly a surprise after spending thirty minutes giving this guy a mouth massage. Filipina girls are often notorious for cum dodging, but our girl took it all like a champ and even did a little Japanese style cum play.

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Wild Asian amateur slave girls dancing naked

Amateur Sex Workers

Ok so admittedly the title of this post is a little bit sensationalistic. But this is a very hot pic from a very hot series. These amateur photos are the biggest thing online right now. Because all of these girls are carrying around cameras at all times there is a flood of great nude pics of very very hot girls. The sort of ordinary girls who would never consider posing nude professionally. Stay tuned for more of this very hot stuff.

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Nubile Thai teen Gigi shows off her perky breasts!

Thai Girl Gigi

Thai Girl Gigi

Man does not live by bread alone and here at Filipina Fetish we do not just obsess over one flavour of girl. We do cover Thai girls and we have even done some articles on some hot Chinese chicks. Gigi here is one of the cutest things we have seen in BKK in a long time. She has that big eyed anime look and a slim body that all the Japanese tourists love. Tasty girl.

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More insane puffy nipples with one of our favourite Thai teenagers.

Thai Girl

This is what it’s all about…The reason we are all here. We love these nubile third world girls. Puffy nipple honee Anh is completely fabulous. She sports a marvelous set of awesome rocking tits on her petite frame. Literally this girl is all tits and ass and she is one of the finest things you will find on the streets of Bangkok. Enjoy.

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Buxom Bangkok bar girl shows you the tools of her trade.

Bangkok bar girl

Even though this is a predominantly Filipina site we like to mix it up a lot and bring you whatever girls we find interesting. The last post was featuring a Korean chick with a perfect shaved pussy, and today we are bringing you a full breasted Thai girl. I don’t know if you have been to Thailand, or where you went when you were there but this girl is pretty typical of the real beauties you can see on Bangkok streets. The girls in Pattaya are generaly all whores on their way out, but the BKK girls can be really lovely.

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I see you are intrigued by Yok’s awesome rocking tits.

Today we have a little bit of a clip of the famous photo shoot of Bangkok honee Yok. If you read way back in the blog you may remember we mention this, if not here’s the story and it’s not hard to understand. Yok has perhaps what are the most awesome rocking tits in the history of Bangkok. This girl is fine in a city of fine sex. The photographer was completely smitten by this girl and was relentlessly trying to get her to do hardcore or to get her in the sack. During the photo shoot the tow of them managed to work out some sort of deal and our guy whips out his cock and blasts all over this girls fine rack. Thanks god it was caught on video, as it’s one of the craziest impromptu sex acts I have ever seen.

If you want to see the rest ejaculate covered video sensation It’s all online at Teen Filipina.

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Meet the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever 20. Can you believe this adorable girl does hardcore?

Hustler’s Asian Fever

Pat is incredibly cute…She is exactly what you would call a comely female. I guess cos you want to comely all over her lol. Just to show how wild even the cutest girl can be I would like to mention that Pat is the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever #20. She fucks buck wild on camera and then gets a huge messy man shot all over those perfect fungbags. I just have to mention that this girl has awesome rocking tits. Where can you see this video? Well it’s online at Teen Filipina of course. As are all of the Asian Fever movies, direct from Hustler.

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Can these puffy nipples provide enough traction to hold up a tube top?

Tube top drama! Can Bua’s puffy nipples hold up her tube top?

Every guy loves tube top drama. Will it fall down? What on earth is keeping it on? Gotta love it. Today we are taking an in depth look to see if Bua’s puffy nipples provide enough traction to hold up her top. She has to content with the force of gravity, and horny farangs trying to pull it down. My guess is that it isn’t going to stay up. Take a look at the gallery and see the results.

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Who likes sideboobs? we do, and here is busty Irene Fah’s sideboob.


So to make up for our crappy last post (the Bai Ling Mugshot), which we are sure had you vomiting.. we are now going to bring you the finest selection of sideboobs the continent of Asia has to offer. And who best to be pronounced Miss Sideboob for February 2008 but our own beloved Irene Fah. This girl has it all…she’s got both boob volume and a sexy sway. You just got to love it. And I think I am starting to develop a bikini fetish as well…So this gallery fixes all my needs. It doesn’t get better than this…Log in here with your teen filipina access pass to see all of Irene Fah’s pictures and movies.

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Extreme erect and puffy nipples. Bangkok girl Bua has perfect breasts.

Puffy Nipples

Puffy nipples are a clear turn on for most guys…I think it’s because it’s visible feedback of a womans sexual arousal, and also an indicator of fertility and fecundity. When it comes to puffy nipples our number one girl is Bua. The fact that her tits are a bit cockeyed makes it even sexier. We always wonder if this is the result of a botched breast enlargement, but our photographer in Bangkok says it is all real.

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Bangkok pole dancer Paula loses her bikini but keeps her queen bitch attitude.

Bangkok Pole Dancer

Pole dancing is taking the world by storm…even being taught in respectable ladies workout classes. Thailand is of course famous for it’s go-go dancing bars, but times change and pole dancing is becoming a lot more common. In fact most of the small dives will have a pole right on the bar (I saw this a lot in Pattaya way too much actually..) or even offer smaller private tables with poles and girls right in the middle. Some of the Soi Cowboy places are like this and almost all of the high end Nana Plaza clubs that cater to wealthy Japanese tourists have poles. So our girl Paula has a perfect pole dancer’s body…long smooth and shaved. And those incredible eyes…you can see the smouldering hate and queen bitch attitude. Our photographer in BKK Jeff lured Paula away for a day to do a little shoot back at the hotel and here is the result. Thai girl perfection. So come on and take a better look at our girl Paula.

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