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How many girls can you handle at one time?

Filipina girls

If you want to have a few kicks next time you are at a party and the guys there have had a few drinks in them ask them in earnest how many chicks they think they can handle at once. Anyone who says more than two is full of shit, unless they are 19 and an Olympic athlete. I’m not talking about how many chicks you can stick your dick in, but rather how many girls you can do in the same room at the same time. Just talking from experience here lol..

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Do you have a Filipina girl friend?

Asian Girl Friend

Chances are if you are hanging out on this blog that you either do have or very much want a Filipina girl friend. I can’t say enough about the virtues of Filipina girls, they are hard working, tough and beautiful. And I guess there can be nothing more exciting in the world than getting a few hot self shot pics in your inbox from your beloved girl. Check out what we found in our in box recently!

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Slim and sexy gorgeous new Filipina girl Nick in her first nude shoot.

Cute Filipina Girl

If there is anything hotter than a new girl, it’s a goddam gorgeous new girl. Take a look at this slim, sexy and head to toe gorgeous. This is exaclty what makes the girls of the Philippines so special and so desirable. There are no other girls in the world who have this particular look. When I take a look at girls like Nick I can actually smell the sunshine. A totally fantastic girl you are only going to see at Teen Filipina.

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The sexiest pics are the unexpected pics. Candid shot of this hot Filipina chick.

Naked Filipina Girl

The hottest thing that can ever happen with your GF is that day when she finally allows you to do those sexy pics you have been bugging her about. A lot of girls have a natural tendency to show off and I am guessing that’s what happened here. A couple of drinks and then back to the hotel for a sweet and sexy amateur photo shoot!

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