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The dreaded over the shoulder surprise cum shot!


Well I guess it was hardly a surprise after spending thirty minutes giving this guy a mouth massage. Filipina girls are often notorious for cum dodging, but our girl took it all like a champ and even did a little Japanese style cum play.

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All skinny and girlfeet.

Filipina Girlfeet

This is our first posting in a bit, we have been trying to mordernize the blog and it took a bit more work than we thought. I guess you may have noticed we made a few changes and added a voting system for the girls. Speaking of votes here is perhaps our top rated girl of all time. 18 year old Edmilyn has that skinny body and perfect girlfeet that guys crave. When we did this photo shoot the way she was flexing her body was drawing a big crowd and some big erections.

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Skinny third world girls. I love these thin Filipina girls.

Filipina Nudist

One of the best things about the unfortunately dodgy situation in the Philippines is that a lot of these countryside girls from farming villages actually grew up eating a pretty healthy diet. Now I am not saying that everyone has enough…But my point is that they are not likely to have grown up eating Cheesburgers. So a lot of these girls have wonderful svelte figures. Edmilyn is so proud of her skinny nubile body…She is not ashamed of it at all. But don’t let the cute looks fool you…Edmilyn is a dirty little semen eating kitten. If you want to see some of her wild hardcore photos take a look at the picture page at Teen Filipina. Can you believe it’s the same girl?

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Reverse anal punishment: Unfaithful men beware!

Anal Sex

So if you are actually dating one of these bargirls you are going to face a few special temptations. Firstly you are going to be out at the go go clubs looking at nubile and nude writhing girls all the time. You are also going to have to deal with your woman’s friends, who are all white hot tramps. And you are going to have to deal with all the other girls as well who will fuck for pennies and will do anything to get you, especially if you are a foreigner. Chances are you are going to cheat, and chances are you will get caught. So what do these girls do to punish their guys? Hard core reverse anal. You will never cheat again after one of these girls gets done with your ass…They are going to punish you, and look for payback for all the shit they take for men each day. But a piece of shit like you is probably gonna enjoy it, right?

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Asian LBFM girl caught naked in the tub. Shaved slippery and perfect.

Asian LBFM

Only a 18 year old girl can have a perfect body like this. And only a hot filipino LBFM girl like Edmilyn will let us watch her soap up her perfect shaved teenage body in the tub…Well for a small fee anyways. Naked and wet she looks like a sweet kitten, but this girl is one of the hottest go go and pole dancers in the Makati area go go clubs. Edmilyn is definitive of a wild new generation of young filipino women: ambitious, greedy and ruthless in getting what she wants. Her cell phone is full of foreign phone numbers and her purse is full of foreign cash. This girl works for her money and we have the video to prove it.

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More from our #1 searched girl – Perfect LBFM Filipina teenager Edmilyn Villanueva!


So this is the filipina teen who reigns supreme…We get more Google searches and emails for our homegirl Edmilyn than for any other. And yah shee looks sweet as sugar, but don’t forget that this is the wild street whore who was involved in the famous Manila semen vomiting incident and video. Don’t think this really happened? Take a look here for exclusive shots and video of the semen vomiting. So this gallery is a nice set of Edmilyn trying to look sweet…but you can already see the Whore’s confidence in her eyes…And the wild hate.

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Semen loving Filipina go go dancer Edmilyn live from Angeles City!

According to Google, Angeles City Go Go girl Edmilyn Villanueva is our most searched girl…Beating out even huge breasted starlet Alma Chua. I think some day soon we will put in some sort of graph here at the Asian Girls Official Blg to show just who is looking at what, and which of our teen filipina girls is the most popular in each country. So here is another gallery of our perfect bodied hardcore girl, back in the days when she only did nude modeling. Can you believe how fresh faced she was in those days? Compare that to her newer work where she is chugging cock in the street, or vomiting semen after choking on a cock(and now we are not making that up). Thanks for all your visits, and if you like our blog please leave a comment.

Edmilyn Villanueva


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