Teen Filipina Girls
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Behind the scenes casting pics with a cute Filipina amateur


If she looks a bit nervous I guess it is understandable as it will be her first time having sex in front of an audience. She did really well and her Teen Filipina casting video is amazing.

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Pure LBFM perfection. Take a look at this girl.


I suppose you have heard of Helen of Troy and the face that launched a thousand ships. Well right now you are looking at the LBFM that launched a thousand 747’s to Angeles City. 18 year old girls like this are the holy grail for gusy who love Filipina girls.

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Oh hai, don’t mind me I’m just gonna ride you until I scream.


There are some very few girls who are in this for kicks and their own pleasure as well as the money and they are usually completely unabashed about sex. For the most part these are the girls who are new to the industry and not yet worn out or jaded. Well this all fits this girl to a t, she is fresh and she really seem to love sex.

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Alicia in the bath tub. Nearly perfect petite Asian girl.


Well Alicia is absolutely not a Filipina, and in fact we have no idea what she is. I have heard she may be Kazakh or Mongolian but who cares. She has that cute LBFM look that the guys all fight over and she looks even better when covered in soap. These are actual vid captures from one of her new HD scenes.

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Super cute LBFM girl friend tries her hardest to look sexy in the mirror


This girl must really like the guy she sent these too cos she is trying all out to be as sexy as possible and to get him hooked. I’m certainly hooked and this brings back a lot of memories about the girls and the intrigue in my email inbox whenever I am back in Asia.

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Getting a little out of control in Asia

yabba thailand

From the look on this girls face I would say the party is in full effect. This gallery is culled from some of the completely depraved goings on at a new site called Asian Candy Pop. There are so few new Asian site coming online these days, and certainly so few good ones that this site is a complete blast. This is just like the glory days of Asian Internet sex circa 2005 or so before piracy destroyed the business.

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