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Cute as a button new Filipina bebot Chrissy

Filipina Bebot

Some guys like there girls more cute than sexy and let me tell you there is nothing wrong with that. Chrissy here sort of falls into that category. She is at first glance at least your average cute Filipina girl. But I can tell you that your average cute Filipina is not posing nude for the notorious Teen Filipina web site.

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Cute Filipina babe Joy gets destroyed by her boyfriends cock.

Impaled and Penetrated

Sometimes we get a girl together with her real BF and most of the time it goes badly. However sometimes we get a girl together with her real BF and it goes very well. Joy and her man spent the afternoon lounging at the pool at our Manila compound. It was a really good time having a few drinks as the sun went down. We had to ask if they were into doing a photo shoot and the answer was yes. The mood was really good and this guy just pounded poor Joy… And she loved it. She took the facial without dodging it at all and was so confused at the end she actually dribbled the cum into our pool. This is a must see series.

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Filipina hooker writhing on top of a hot cock.

Grunting with pleasure

Wild girl Sheila was so overcome by this guys big cock that she was grunting with real pleasure. This is another one of the long lost phot sets that was recently found when they were re-doing the members area at Teen Filipina. More than 500 girls and 120000 pictures are online right now.

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Coffee coloured Rosalinda is back!

Dark skinned Filipina chick

Well I know you have all been fapping to those naked blue girls on planet Pandora. Specifically the one that looks like Zoe Saldana. Well I think Rosalinda here looks a lot like Zoe Saldana and that increases her fapability immensely.

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