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Asian Hooker

Skinny asian girls with firm tits rule my world, and if they are for hire then it is all the better. The guys at Filipina Sex diary seem to know this and they are getting a lot better at hunting the cuter girls in Manila. From time to time they through in some real scares just to keep it real, but these girls here today are all cute. In fact this is sort of a best of post, as these are the best girls from the past couple of weeks at Filipina Diary.

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The Filipina Sex Diary guys are hunting down and banging the hottest hookers in Manila.

Filipina Hooker

That’s right, somebody has to do it. The guys from Trike Patrol seem to have an endless supply of hard on pills and drive around banging girls they find on the streets of Manila. Some of these girls are real beauties, and others I wouldn’t touch if I had a spacesuit on. So not all of these girls are winners but some are really amazing and the fact that this is all real sex done by real sex workers and some very horny and committed guys. Excuse the pun but it takes real balls to do a site like Filipina Sex Diary and I hope you will throw a little support their way.

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Hot LBFM teen amateur gets barfined, oiled up and banged at Teen Filipina.

Sexy Oil Massage

There is a universal truth about Asian girls, or really just about pretty girls in general. And that truth is that they all look better when covered in baby oil or soap bubbles or some other sort of slippery stuff. And that goes double for girls like Elaine here. She is one of the new girls at Teen Filipina and as she is new that means they have her on full high definition video. I love the way her oily slim body writhes and how she goes out of her way to show us that she can be a pro. Very hot stuff for a first time girl.

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Big breasted Manila hooker Corazon gets barfined and groped on video at Filipina Sex Diary

Manila Bar Girl

I have to hand it to the guys at Filipina Sex Diary as it seems they have the audacity and talent to be able to get to every cute 18 year old hooker in Manila. The strange thing about this is that in general these girls are trying to be discrete and keep their business on the lowdown. Back home their families all think they are in nursing school or whatever and they would probably be shocked to find you the girls are working the bars. The really weird thing is that everyone already probably knows what the girls are up to, it’s just the worry of losing face if they are exposed.

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