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Melon breasted mayhem with the incredible Alma Chua.

Melon Breasts

All I can say is this: If you are looking down and seeing this at the end of your cock just like this guy is then you are having a pretty good day. Alma Chua’s perfect tits are a legend in the Philippine Islands, and she knows how to use them to drive a man insane with pleasure. Can you imagine this perfect breasts covered with sticky semen? Do you want to see it? THen take a look at her videos online at Teen Filipina. The home of the sexiaest Asian girls.

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Skinny and shaved 19 year old Edie flexes her tits.

Skinny Asian Girl

She’s only 19, and she’s far too skinny and flat chested but I think Edie knows how to work what she’s got. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another girl who is as comfortable in her own skin as she is. She’s a complete natural when it comes to posing for the camera…she can contort and flex her nude body in a variety of sinful ways.

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Our fave girl Maria has a perfect bubble butt!

Wild filipina ass

One thing you never expect to see on a Filipina chick or indeed any asian girl is a perky bubble butt like this. This ass is incredible, it’s something you would expect to find on a Brazilian. It’s practically a deadly weapon. And oooh yah, did I mention she is an expert in its use, and she loves to have sex with an audience.

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Nothing makes a teen sexier than braces.

Teens with braces

A girl with braces on her teeth is like the icing on the cake. This is one of the last shots we got of Manila homegirl Maria before she went back to the Orthodontist and got her braces removed. And I can say they worked well cos the last time I saw her I got a winning smile. Wanna know how she paid for those braces? Well she worked her little moneymaker, that’s how.

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This Filipina web cam girl is giving me a boner!

Filipina Cam Girl

Man I have to tell you about this time I went to Hong Kong and a friend of mine had one of his students show me around. I was getting painful erections on the subway just being around this girl. And that is exactly what this girl is doing to me. So I am going to grab my Dad’s credit card and do a little sexal chatting with this honee. Check out her free demo page here.

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Buxom Bangkok bar girl shows you the tools of her trade.

Bangkok bar girl

Even though this is a predominantly Filipina site we like to mix it up a lot and bring you whatever girls we find interesting. The last post was featuring a Korean chick with a perfect shaved pussy, and today we are bringing you a full breasted Thai girl. I don’t know if you have been to Thailand, or where you went when you were there but this girl is pretty typical of the real beauties you can see on Bangkok streets. The girls in Pattaya are generaly all whores on their way out, but the BKK girls can be really lovely.

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Smooth shaved Korean girl checks out her smooth snatch.

Shaved Korean Girl

I’ve rarely seen a better shave job than this girl was able to do in my bathroom in 15 minutes using a disposable razor. She got it smooth…And it looks great with her slim nubile body and tiny flat chest. And yah she was shy at first, but once she felt how good the vibrator made her feel she got more and more aroused, finally ending with a wild twitching orgasm. Don’t miss this.

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Chinese nymphomaniac Evelyn Lin shows of her vagina!

Evelyn Lin

Well I guess we can’t really be sure if Evelyn Lin is a nymphomaniac…But going by what she says on her Myspace page we are certainly suspicious. She says “I have yet to find someone who’s able to keep up with me. Most guys grumble when woken up at 4 AM for round 5.” Well that sounds pretty good cos I have just done a few rounds with the hand cannon while looking at these pics.

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Check out the puffy nipples on this Thai teenager!

Puffy and erect nipples

Can you believe the size of the puffy nipples on this sexually aroused Thai teenager? Bangkok girl Anh is just 18 and very petite as well. But this girl sports a set of incredible breasts that are the envy of women everywhere. Only a teenager can have a body like this…She is completely untouched by gravity. Let us know what you think of these Thai girls…If you like them we have plenty more.

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Island girl Analyn is back and wants to go topless!

Topless Island Girl

Filipina island girl Analyn is back and has decided to do an amazing topless shoot. You can smell the jungle fragrances in this girls golden skin. She is an authentic tribal girl from somewhere down by the Sulu Sea…So she is a bit more modest than some of our other girls. But slowly and surely we are coaxing her to the dark side…Expect some wild stuff from Analyn in the future.

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Flat chested Filipina vixen Maria is ready to rock your world.

Filipina flat chested vixen

I don’t think any other girl except for Alma Chua has created such a buzz so quickly as our new Manila bombshell Maria. She has that perfect petite and nubile look that I know a lot of you guys love. And yes this girl has nasty talents and does some wild on camera sex. You will not see it anywhere else…so stay tuned or check her out at Teen Filipina.

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