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We love these skinny and hot Asian teens. Meet 18 year old Chris.

To be perfectly hones one of the reasons we like Asian girls so much is that in general they are much thinner then their western sisters. And if you travel to Asia and see these girls in their natural environments you will be blown away with how slim and gorgeous they are. I can remember returning to the USA from a trip and thinking I had come to the land of the balloon people as the girls were so much heavier at home. Chris here is a prime example of the sort of girl you might see in your travels in Asia, petite slim and gorgeous.

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Only the wildest girls like to get on top!

On Top

It takes a certain special sexual confidence to get on top of your man and ride him into the ground and a lot of girls don’t do it as they don’t like they way they look when they are on top. But this is a selection of girls that have no issues with getting on top of their men and pounding them silly. Some very hot and some of our fave girls here all getting oily and penetrated. If you like hot Asian teens and especially seeing their breasts bounce then this is for you.

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A nearly perfect rack on gorgeous Filipina teen Millie.

topless asian babe

Some girls have all the luck and our girl Millie had the good fortune to be born with the face of an angel and a body that can be described as heavenly. When this girl did her first audition we were all blown away when she was finally naked and we saw what she had been hiding under her college uniform. And not only that, she was willing to do some HD video shoots that were simply amazing. Who could believe that this angel could fuck like that. Check out her videos!

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