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Can you still get that girl friend experience during the Pandemic?

Without a doubt things are tough for the tourism industry, and a lot of the small travel agencies and hotels abroad have either gone bankrupt or are boarded up into storage. So it gets harder to have scenes like this with you lovely GF in some hotel in the islands. There are still some options and I have to say that the whole webcam scene has exploded in both quantity and quality and most of the girls have move on to do their own cam shows. Take a look at the girls online over at Filipina Webcams

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Behind the scenes at a Bangkok porn video shoot.

The golden age of porn in Thailand is well over. There are very very few who dare to shoot video there so it is rare to see anything new. Most of the girls who did video are now moving to doing webcams on sites like Thai Girl Webcams and others. But on occasion we get a leak out of someone’s personal stash and get a previously unpublished video or a behind the scenes picture like this.

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Cute after show selfies from Asian webcam girl

Asian Webcam Girls

It’s becoming pretty rare to see studio shot nudes any more and by far all the action is happening live on webcam or tiktok. Here is a gallery of another super cute webcam girl.

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Do you have a fetish for Asian soapland girls?

Asian Soapy Massage

The soaplands of Asia and what goes on are the stuff of drunken legend. But what actually happens behind the door is a bit of a mystery. So here we have some behind the scenes and candid pics of a Pattaya soapland encounter.

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Filipina girl friend fetish.

Filipina girl friend

Cute and candid pics of some guys Filipina girl friend having the groan. She gets fondled and pounded a bit and then a tummy semen shot.

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Perky tits and a lewd tongue. The talents of the new girls.

Thai Sex Photos

Well I am a little embarrassed to say that we haven’t done any updates here for a while and that is going to change. Today we have a new sticky Thai girl who is all ready to make money with her ass. Check out her gallery and some of the other 18 year old Thai girls over at Thai Sex Photos

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LBFM girl writhing wildly while impaled on a big cock

These pics capture the squirming pretty well but I am afraid you will have to take a look at the video to really get the whole effect. This girl is absolutely a cat on a hot tin roof while she is on this guys cock. Just too big and too satisfying.

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Meeting some of the new girls. Here is Zara from Bangkok.

Thai Adult Video

We have only briefly seen some content of this girl before in the form of a cute picture set. But now we have seen it all and Zara has graduated into the realms of adult stardom. This is part of a huge hardcore picture series that was taken during an HD video shoot. Must see if you like fresh Thai girls like this.

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Sexy short haired Asian girl has sex on video

A lot of the videos we see sort of fit the same format and there is a lot that is the same about the girls. But this time we have a really cute pixie cut Asian tomboy. But that’s not the only unusual thing in this video as it seems the girl gets a little bit undone by this guys big cock and all of the unexpected pleasure she experiences.

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Do you have a fetish for skinny Asian girls?

Too skinny

Face facts. The situation with obesity at home has degenerated to the point that all a white girl has to do to be attractive these days is not be fat. So we know you are here for the skinny girls and today we are going to deliver. Here is yet another almost too thin for sex Asian babe.

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Cute Filipina amateur girl goes all the way with her BF


When you get a girl in the studio to do a shoot like this it either goes two ways. The first is that it goes badly, and the second is that it can be a giggly photo shoot full of hot sex. Thankfully this all went well and we got some great pics and video of this girl.

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Self shot Asian girlfriend

asiangf self

Looks like some guy and his cute Chinese GF have decided to try their hand at doing their own little self shot sex video. And by that I mean they are in the bathroom with a camcorder.

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Cute Filipina girl friends next door


Here is a great new gallery of some Filipina and other Asian real girlfriends. These are the super cute sort of girls you might find living across the street or at your school that you would love to meet.

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Hey do you have a Filipina fetish? Maybe this will help you out.

penis pleaser

I think one of the main reasons we see so many guys with Filipina fetish issues is that the girls are so genuine and really seem to be willing to please there men. Most of the girls we feature here are not professionals by any means, and are generally doing this for a little bit of money or just for fun with their BF’s. But they certainly go the extra mile every time and deliver an experience that their men will never forget.

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Washing up with a petite Asian penis pleaser


This looks like some sort of scene from a seedy movie where the hooker is washing up her client before heading off for a hands free massage and sex. Well guess what! That’s exactly whats going on here. Meet the very petite and sexy Rorie from Trike Patrol in her first ever nude shoot.

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There’s a two for one special running over at Filipina Sex Diary right now!


Having two girls fight over your affections is quite probably the dream of every man alive. And guess what, if you have the cash this is probably possible for you in Asia. I once heard a story about a guy in China who had a couple of cute cleaning girls who did a lot more than clean. And I am guessing the situation the guys at Filipina Sex Diary got into is much the same, why get one girl when you can have two.

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Very cute amateur short time girl picked up somewhere in Manila


On the weekends you will often see this sort of girl somewhere on the streets. And by this sort of girl I mean a student who is out on the weekend to make a few dollars. The thing that usually sets girls like these apart is that they are sometimes very hot and very fresh and will only have sex with you if they like you.

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Nothing gets a cute Asian girl naked faster than a fancy hotel room.


If you like Filipina girls it stands to reason you will like the mixed Asian girls as well. California is full of fantastic Hapa girls like this and we strive to feature every one we can find pics or video of. Kate here has that glamorous and curvy look that we know you will like, and all it took was a trip to Hawaii and a fancy hotel room to get her naked. This girl’s name is Kate and she is a doll. I love the way she plays for the camera and in general teases with her very sexy goods.

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Puffy nipple porn star Ariel Rose squirms and moans!


I absolutely have started to adore this girl and her special little extras she does during her performances. The puffy nipples are all win, but the way she snakes her skinny body and moans is all wicked hot. I always like the unusual or tomboy girls as they always seem to be trying harder. I’m not sure what Ariel is and I am assuming she is mixed,as after all she had to get those puffies from somewhere.

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Only the wildest girls like to get on top!

On Top

It takes a certain special sexual confidence to get on top of your man and ride him into the ground and a lot of girls don’t do it as they don’t like they way they look when they are on top. But this is a selection of girls that have no issues with getting on top of their men and pounding them silly. Some very hot and some of our fave girls here all getting oily and penetrated. If you like hot Asian teens and especially seeing their breasts bounce then this is for you.

See it all on HD video now!

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The real Filipina girl friend experience with a hot Manila amateur

Filipina Girl Friend

Well I guess it’s clear that we have been away for a bit and that its been nearly a month since we did a post here. During this time we have been hit by a typhoon, lost our hard drives in a botched Windows 8 install and generally descended into a drunken stupor. But today we are back with a few candid style shots of the very hot and sexy Mick. And yeah we will get back to a regular schedule of new posts and girls.

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Taking the bad with the good. Filipina Sex Diary bangs the wildest hookers in Asia.


I guess if you are a professional Asian whore monger like the guys over at Filipina Sex Diary you are always looking for the best, but often it doesn’t always go as planned. These guys know there business and for the most part they get some of the best hookers in Manila in the sack. Sometimes they seem to just get stuck in the rain when a girl doesn’t show. So to celebrate their efforts here is a selection of their most recent and finest conquests.

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Mixed black, latina and filipina chick posing nude. This is as exotic as it gets.

Mixed asian

Now I know this chick caught your eye as much as she pleased ours. I’ve heard two stories about her, one that she is a blackapino girl and the other is that she is a latina and filipina mix. Well whatever it works out well and she has that approchable and sexy girlfriend next door look that works well for us. This is as exotic as it gets I suppose and you are only going to see this girl at Teen Filipina.

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Even more behind the scenes dressing room pics

Asian Gymnast

Here’s a few more shots of petite Asian phenomenon Ally. Yes she is 19 and obviously as cute as a button. The video we have is all HD and is a must see if you like the petite Asian gymnast type.

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Drop everything and take a look at these scorching hot Filipina amateur girls

Filipina Babes

Somewhere in the world tonight some lucky fuck is getting an inbox full of pics like this and quite possibly some sort of very sexy Skype webcam show from his beloved Filipina girlfriend. This girl is absolutely gorgeous and she has that sort of tits that only a cute 18 year old Filipina chick can have.

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