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Filipina girl stuggles to jam sex toy into her tiny third world pussy.

Tiny Pussy

Petite Filipina babe Joy Villa has the sweetest and freshest pussy I have ever seen. And needless to say there hasn’t been a lot of activity going on in there. Other than a few jungle fruits this girl has not had any experience with sex toys, and she went wild with pleasure from this vibrator. It did take a bit of lube to get it jammed in there…And if you want to see the video you will have to check out the site.

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Third world brown sugar. The wonderful sunny smile of a filipina girl.

Third world brown sugar

Analyn is pure raw third world brown sugar. This girl has a beautiful sunny smile that lights up a room and warms hearts. She also packs a lot of jungle heat in that petite booty of hers. Analyn is the very best of the Philippines.

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Third world girls. Thank heaven for shaky currencies and banana republics.

Third World Girl

Ah I love those third world girls. Thank heaven for petty dictators, rampant inflation, widespread corruption and all the other things that make my money go a long long way in some very crappy places. If it wasn’t for this I would never get my hands on such a fine Filipina pussy as Joy Villa. This girl has a taught firm body that she can gyrate like a tornado on top of your cock. Compare that with your cheeseburger fed balloon women back in the states. Less is more, believe me. So this petite LBFM is white hot and only we have the video. Just log into your Teen filipina account here and go to the movie area. Enjoy.

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Third world bar girls – bargain sex tourism with Ella and Bebe!

Bar girls

These two girls are just in from the countryside and fresh to the Makati go go bar scene. Ella is amazed at all the things in the big city…the cars and things like Ipods that she has never seen before. Bebe is too dumb to really notice much and just does as she is told. Meet 18 year olds Ella and Bebe…They are fresh to the Philippines sex industry and still willing to do anything to please you. Their freshly shaved pussies are relatively uncorrupted, and still have a tight grip. Wanna see more of these girls including the video? Only at Teen Filipina.

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