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Scorching nude mirror selfies from a cute Filipina webcam girl

For a long time the Asian webcam scene and in particular the Filipina webcam scene has been a disgrace. The websites use outdated technology and for a long time the girls didn’t have decent internet connections back at home. That is changing a lot now and we are beginning to see more and more Asian girls on HD cams doing amazing live shows. Want to see what I am talking about and see some HD cam girls? Check out the girls at Filipina Webcam Girls.

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The cutest teen girls nude at Filipina Trike Patrol


Prepare to be tugging at your junk when you get a look at what we consider to be the best girls at Trike Patrol for 2015. The youngest, most nubile and wildest Filipina girls in the Islands.

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Skinny Filipina gets tight body covered in cum shots

rosemary radeva

Sometimes the best part of sex is what happens after and what the girl is either doing or looks like after you have covered her in a load. Skinny girls are hot, and there is nothing than watching your cum drip down your skinny girls tiny tits.

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Hey do you have a Filipina fetish? Maybe this will help you out.

penis pleaser

I think one of the main reasons we see so many guys with Filipina fetish issues is that the girls are so genuine and really seem to be willing to please there men. Most of the girls we feature here are not professionals by any means, and are generally doing this for a little bit of money or just for fun with their BF’s. But they certainly go the extra mile every time and deliver an experience that their men will never forget.

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Do you like girls with tan lines?


Tan lines seem to drive some guys wild, and it is often pretty rare to see them on Asian women as they prefer to stay out of the sun. The tan lines make the girl here and only add to her wild amateur beauty.

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Behind the scenes casting pics with a cute Filipina amateur


If she looks a bit nervous I guess it is understandable as it will be her first time having sex in front of an audience. She did really well and her Teen Filipina casting video is amazing.

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The real Filipina girl friend experience with a hot Manila amateur

Filipina Girl Friend

Well I guess it’s clear that we have been away for a bit and that its been nearly a month since we did a post here. During this time we have been hit by a typhoon, lost our hard drives in a botched Windows 8 install and generally descended into a drunken stupor. But today we are back with a few candid style shots of the very hot and sexy Mick. And yeah we will get back to a regular schedule of new posts and girls.

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Mixed black, latina and filipina chick posing nude. This is as exotic as it gets.

Mixed asian

Now I know this chick caught your eye as much as she pleased ours. I’ve heard two stories about her, one that she is a blackapino girl and the other is that she is a latina and filipina mix. Well whatever it works out well and she has that approchable and sexy girlfriend next door look that works well for us. This is as exotic as it gets I suppose and you are only going to see this girl at Teen Filipina.

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Filipina Sex Diary is really up to some skanky stuff in Manila

Classy Girl

Well if you need to get laid on a budget then this is the way you should do it. I have enormous respect for the guys at Filipina Sex Diary because these guys are really in the trenches and banging some girls I probably wouldn’t touch with your penis. I can’t think of any Asian sex site that really depicts the insanity of whoremongering better than they do. The video for this is a must see.

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Perky tits young LBFM poses nude for the first time at Teen Filipina!


Everyone has got to start somewhere and each of these girls has a first time in front of the camera. For the most part these girls often have considerable sexual experience and are not really that nervous about having sex for an audience. But some of the girls start slow and new girl Chin is one of them. This is her first ever nude shoot and you can tell she is a bit uncomfortable but in this case it only adds to her charm. Chin is pretty typical of the new girls that end up roaming the streets of Manila each summer after college ends and this is by far the girl we like to have in our studio.

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Filipina Sex Diary presents teen sex toys Nica and Sally

Filipina Girls

I don’t think there is any image I have seen recently that so perfectly illustrates the girl trouble you can get up to in the Philippines. I think the only place that is worse then Manila for pure feminine mayhem is maybe Pattaya but who knows. These places in Asian should be designated as world heritage sites as there are so few places left in the world where a guy can go buck wild with as many 18 year old chicks as he can afford. Big thanks to the guys at Filipina Sex Diary for keeping the dream alive.

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This Filipina hottie is not at all happy about getting blasted

Filipina Facial

From the look on this girls face it would seem she doesn’t find taking a cum shot as an erotic experience. In fact everyone says Filipina girls are in general cum dodgers and maybe that could be said to be true for the ones from the Islands. The Flip girls in Cali will let you do anything if they find you either rich or charming.

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Slim and sexy Filipina teen shows it all off

Nude Filipina Teen

Maria has been one of our top girls here and we thought we would take another look at one of her better photo shoots. This time the guy got most of the pictures exposed correctly and didn’t fog up the lens with his own heavy breathing lol. I’ve heard that this girl is an honest to god go go chick so that thought just makes it all so much hotter.

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The motherload of Filipina and Asian sex!

Well you are here looking at this cos you like naked Filipina and Thai girls right? Well take a look at this:

Filipina Porn Archives

Some of these girls you may know from our posts here and others are new. Here’s some of the galleries I got from my browser history:



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I think this girl is worried about the size of our dildo….

Cute faced filipina beauty

If ever there was a look of trepidation this is it. I think at first Mildred thought that her tiny pussy could never accomodate any of our sex toy selection, but after a little warm up it was all win and this girl was almost screaming in pleasure. See for yourself!

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Erotic baby oil massage with sexy Asian teen Melodey

Baby oil massage

What is the best way to calm down a nervous Filipina cam girl? Well a sensuous baby oil massage of course! Cute 18 year old Melodey is purring like a kitten after getting oiled up and rubbed down with some warm baby oil.

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Slim and sexy gorgeous new Filipina girl Nick in her first nude shoot.

Cute Filipina Girl

If there is anything hotter than a new girl, it’s a goddam gorgeous new girl. Take a look at this slim, sexy and head to toe gorgeous. This is exaclty what makes the girls of the Philippines so special and so desirable. There are no other girls in the world who have this particular look. When I take a look at girls like Nick I can actually smell the sunshine. A totally fantastic girl you are only going to see at Teen Filipina.

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The girls of the Philippines, this is why we love them. Check out the winning smile on this babe.

Tiny tits filipina girl

This is the kind of thing you often see once you get outside of Manila, gorgeous and healthy Filipina girls with winning smiles and fit bodies. Rady is actually a petite girl, but you dont’ get a sense of that from these pics as she is skinny and fit. I adore this girl and whenever I see that look in her eyes I think of the hot sun on Boracay.

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Nude and nubile Filipina amateur shows off hot body and sexy attitude.

Nude Filipina Girl

I think one look into sexy Manila Amateur girl Rowana’s eyes will tell you that she is no stranger to danger. This girl knows she is hot stuff and is prepared to do whatever it takes and every hole and area of her hot young body to please her man. This is one of her first photo shoots and there are many more to come so hold on to your scrotum if you like hot Filipina girls.

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Sexy eyed and fabulous Filipina porn star Kina Kai is back.

Kina Kai

I think you would probably be very surprised at just how many requests we have received for this girl. Out of all of the girls we review here I think Kina has the best mastery of the camera. Honestly I feel this girl could have been an actress as she is so damn good at expressing herself and her sexuality. Oh and did I mention she’s a porn star? Well she certainly is and you would be amazed at what this chick gets up to.

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Old fashioned style Asian hand job.

Filipina girl friend gives you a hand job

A lot of guys I know say they actually prefer the hand job thing over actual sex. I’m thinking this is largely what older guys want as in general they are just too drunk or lazy to ride their girls properly. I’m aware that the girls like it as it makes their guys happy but doesn’t involve their vaginas or get their hair messed up too much. Ans also there is the time factor, as I suppose your average working girl can do a lot more with her hands in an evening than on her back.

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Golden skinned and sexy amateur nude model Alice

Nubile Filipina Amateur Nude Model

Nubile Filipina Amateur Nude Model

Sometimes it doesn’t work out with a lot of these amateur models. Either they freeze up in front of the camera and all the charm you thoght they had disappears, or often the cameraman himself manages to screw it all up. This time we have a winner. Alice turned out to be a sassy golden skinned beauty and a lot of her raw sexuality comes through in her pictures. There is also some really great hardcore action of this girl and you are only going to see it at Teen Filipina.

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Sexy LBFM Irene is horny! Do you have the juice?

Horny Filipina Girl

Horny Filipina Girl

This is the face of naked sex appeal. If you are looking sweet LBFM Irene in the eyes and she is licking her lips like this then you know you will be in for the ride of your life. Irene is one of the sexiest girl we have come across in Manila, and we have been able to get our hands on all of her new pictures sets. Our photographer has said she just shot a hardcore video for a different company, and we are trying to get our hands on that asap.

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Filipina girls who do handjobs with their mouths!

Asian Semen Eater

Asian Semen Eater

My buddy in Manila is telling me the wildest story, he says that business is so down for the tourism industry and the bargirls there that the high class handjob only girls are now doing handjobs with their mouths. I guess you understand what I am saying, right? So to celebrate this fact and indeed to make a little gallows humor out of this whole global economic meltdown issue we are presenting this gallery of girls who are experts at the art of mouth massage. Enjoy!

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Did you forget about this girl? A perfect naked Filipina girl.

Naked Filipina

Perfect nude Filipina perfection. I had thought that in case you had forgotten what that looks like we would remind you with this picture of the awesome Alma Chua. Yep we are a bit behind in our posting here but that is all going to change and we are going to be bringing you some all new Manila hotties. Enjoy.

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