Teen Filipina Girls
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This is why I have a fetish for Asian girls

Sassy Asian teen Mae

Ok so Mae is actually not Filipina… I think she is mixed Korean but she is wicked cute and worthy of our pages don’t you think? She looks pretty sassy in these pics but don’t forget about her previous hardcore phot shoots and videos. Now online at Teen Filipina!

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Korean girls need love too

Are you done with me?

Are you done with me?

Wow, what the hell do you think happened to this girl? She’s naked, with lipstick and other body fuids spread all over her face. I’ll tell you what happened, she did a photo shoot with our most notorious photographer. This guy gets great pics, but there is always something freaky happening. The strange thing is the girls never complain. He always makes them look great.

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Smooth shaved Korean girl checks out her smooth snatch.

Shaved Korean Girl

I’ve rarely seen a better shave job than this girl was able to do in my bathroom in 15 minutes using a disposable razor. She got it smooth…And it looks great with her slim nubile body and tiny flat chest. And yah she was shy at first, but once she felt how good the vibrator made her feel she got more and more aroused, finally ending with a wild twitching orgasm. Don’t miss this.

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