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How many girls can you handle at one time?

Filipina girls

If you want to have a few kicks next time you are at a party and the guys there have had a few drinks in them ask them in earnest how many chicks they think they can handle at once. Anyone who says more than two is full of shit, unless they are 19 and an Olympic athlete. I’m not talking about how many chicks you can stick your dick in, but rather how many girls you can do in the same room at the same time. Just talking from experience here lol..

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Filipina hotties party naked in the shower

Filipina Girls

Nothing and I repeat nothing can make a naked girl hotter than a liberal application of soapy suds or of some other slippery substance like baby oil. And time and time I am easily able to prove this fact with pictures of hot naked Filipina girls like these. The pics where the girls are all naked and wet are indeed the sexiest of the series. Hope you like these girls and like what we are posting here!

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Nude and nubile Filipina amateur shows off hot body and sexy attitude.

Nude Filipina Girl

I think one look into sexy Manila Amateur girl Rowana’s eyes will tell you that she is no stranger to danger. This girl knows she is hot stuff and is prepared to do whatever it takes and every hole and area of her hot young body to please her man. This is one of her first photo shoots and there are many more to come so hold on to your scrotum if you like hot Filipina girls.

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What would you say to hundreds of nude Filipina girls?

Filipina Bikini

Would you like to see a new site with hundreds of filipina girls online all in hi res? Do you like sexy Filipina chicks like 18 year old Maul here? Hell yes you do. Take a look at this new voting site Manila Angels. All new girls and all new pics of the girls you love all full size. You can even vote for your faves and push them to the top!

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Nelly is back for her second nude photo shoot. Hang on to your junk guys!

Topless asian bar girl Nelly!
Topless asian bar girl Nelly!

Last summer was a wild one in Manila. The city’s atmosphere had completely changed and there was a sort of anything goes feeling that hasn’t been there for a long time. People were going nuts, and last summer’s crop of new girls was the best in a generation. Blame the Typhoon and the global economic crisis for breaking down a lot of barriers there. Because of this we have girls as hot as Nelly here crawling out of the woodwork and shedding their clothes in an effort to make an extra piso or two. Every dark clous has a sliver lining, and these wildly hot girls of 2009 are pure gold.

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Hot enough to raise the dead. Meet Manila girl Nelly.

Sexy Manila Girl Nelly

Sexy Manila Girl Nelly

You know I read somewhere that the girls who came of age just after the second world war were the hottest crop of girls in Europe ever. Something about adversity making females even hotter. Sort of an evolutionary thing. Our guys in Manila tell us that is exactly what is going on there due to the economic recession. So super hot girls like Nelly here are popping up all over the place. Nelly is just simply one of the hottest things we have ever seen on a Manila street. We know you are going to love this girl and we are doing the best to get as many new pics of her up as we can. So if you have a real Fetish for Filipina nude girls you are in the right place.

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Sexy Manila high school girl strips off her uniform.

Manila High School

Manila High School

I guess you may have a few hot girls at your high school. But can you imagine just how blindingly hot the girls are when college is out in Manila? The streets are suddenly crawling with beautiful and unemployed hotties and life is great. Sandra here is typical of this years new crop of bebot. She is already hitting the pole in Angeles City and now we have her here in her first nude pictorial.

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Incredible filipina beauty. This Manila student is a perfect 10.

Manila student

This sweet new bebot is one of a bunch of new girls you will be seeing a lot more of soon. She and her friends are a bunch of wild and free spirited Manila girls who are not afraid to have fun. These are not your run of the mill hideous cam girls or bar whores, but the sweetest girls in the PI. You will only see them here, and if you want to see more you can log in here to their nude galleries with your Teen Filipina access pass.

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