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LBFM girl writhing wildly while impaled on a big cock

These pics capture the squirming pretty well but I am afraid you will have to take a look at the video to really get the whole effect. This girl is absolutely a cat on a hot tin roof while she is on this guys cock. Just too big and too satisfying.

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Meeting some of the new girls. Here is Zara from Bangkok.

Thai Adult Video

We have only briefly seen some content of this girl before in the form of a cute picture set. But now we have seen it all and Zara has graduated into the realms of adult stardom. This is part of a huge hardcore picture series that was taken during an HD video shoot. Must see if you like fresh Thai girls like this.

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LBFM beauty with charming smile has shaking orgasms on video

Most of these picture sets that we feature here are shot alongside a video production. Sometimes the pictures are better than the video, but usually they are used as advertising to show whats going on. This is one of those videos that is almost too hot to watch as the girl has a warm and amazing smile and a kind of easygoing natural attitude that has here having shaking and convuilsing orgasms on video. Must see if you like this sort of Asian girl.

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Do you have a fetish for nude Thai girls as well?

Well I hope you do have a fetish for Thai girls because this post is featuring a photo set taken during a very hot video shoot in Bangkok. She is skinny and fit, but her ass is just big enough to make it all interesting. She really pounds this guy into a sort of pleasureable submission. And oh yeah, there is a video that goes along to this so be sure to check it all out.

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Skinny Asian girl has oral battle with huge ovipositor


This girl is so cute and skinny and petite and the guys cock is so huge this pictyure looks like something out of a science fiction movie where the alians are trying to fertilize her in a rather unconventional way. And yes there is a video of this and indeed it is just as amazing as these pics would have you believe

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Cock shocked LBFM hooker gets completely stuffed


I can imagine that this girl showed up at the photo shoot thinking she could handle anything. A lot of these girls think they have seen anything, and many of them probably have seen everything. But I think even this girl was shocked at how big this guys dick was, and she actually squeaked and squirmed in pleasure as her chick duct got blocked all the way up to her uterus.

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Skinny Filipina gets tight body covered in cum shots

rosemary radeva

Sometimes the best part of sex is what happens after and what the girl is either doing or looks like after you have covered her in a load. Skinny girls are hot, and there is nothing than watching your cum drip down your skinny girls tiny tits.

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Cute Filipina amateur girl goes all the way with her BF


When you get a girl in the studio to do a shoot like this it either goes two ways. The first is that it goes badly, and the second is that it can be a giggly photo shoot full of hot sex. Thankfully this all went well and we got some great pics and video of this girl.

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Hey do you have a Filipina fetish? Maybe this will help you out.

penis pleaser

I think one of the main reasons we see so many guys with Filipina fetish issues is that the girls are so genuine and really seem to be willing to please there men. Most of the girls we feature here are not professionals by any means, and are generally doing this for a little bit of money or just for fun with their BF’s. But they certainly go the extra mile every time and deliver an experience that their men will never forget.

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Getting a little out of control in Asia

yabba thailand

From the look on this girls face I would say the party is in full effect. This gallery is culled from some of the completely depraved goings on at a new site called Asian Candy Pop. There are so few new Asian site coming online these days, and certainly so few good ones that this site is a complete blast. This is just like the glory days of Asian Internet sex circa 2005 or so before piracy destroyed the business.

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Our guy gets pounded by a horny LBFM


All of these girls are amateurs, and some of them are very raw amateurs. But in general most of them know they are putting on a performance and they tend to change their behavior in front of the camera a bit. Well not today. This wildly horny LBFM came in wide and wild eyed, got oiled up and bounced on the guy until he squirted all over her. One of the most enthusiastic LBFM girls we have ever seen.

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Some of the wild, and I mean wild antics going on in Manila with the Filipina Sex Diary guys.

 filipina hookers

I have seen some wild shit when I have been over in Asia and it seems that there is a certain breed of guy you see there who really can’t control themselves and live life with no limits. And you can really never know who is going to go nuts over there, I once knew a mild mannered accountant who was so blown away by Pattaya he went back home for a week, dumped his wife and kids and is now shacked up with some 18 year old Thai hottie. The guys at Filipina Sex Diary really do a good job at keeping the atmosphere of a wild trip to Asia alive and some of the girls and situations like with these two babes here are very hot.

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Only the wildest girls like to get on top!

On Top

It takes a certain special sexual confidence to get on top of your man and ride him into the ground and a lot of girls don’t do it as they don’t like they way they look when they are on top. But this is a selection of girls that have no issues with getting on top of their men and pounding them silly. Some very hot and some of our fave girls here all getting oily and penetrated. If you like hot Asian teens and especially seeing their breasts bounce then this is for you.

See it all on HD video now!

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Filipina Sex Diary is really up to some skanky stuff in Manila

Classy Girl

Well if you need to get laid on a budget then this is the way you should do it. I have enormous respect for the guys at Filipina Sex Diary because these guys are really in the trenches and banging some girls I probably wouldn’t touch with your penis. I can’t think of any Asian sex site that really depicts the insanity of whoremongering better than they do. The video for this is a must see.

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18 year old Filipina girl gets demolished by a big cock

Asian Teen

So a lot of these bar girls have been up against almost anything from weird Japanese guys with tiny penises to Australians who are drunk enough to chunder on them. And every once in a while they meet up with some gung ho tourist with a big American penis and this is what happens. Lets just say it takes an ocean of sex lube to get the big peg in the little hole.

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The Filipina Sex Diary guys are hunting down and banging the hottest hookers in Manila.

Filipina Hooker

That’s right, somebody has to do it. The guys from Trike Patrol seem to have an endless supply of hard on pills and drive around banging girls they find on the streets of Manila. Some of these girls are real beauties, and others I wouldn’t touch if I had a spacesuit on. So not all of these girls are winners but some are really amazing and the fact that this is all real sex done by real sex workers and some very horny and committed guys. Excuse the pun but it takes real balls to do a site like Filipina Sex Diary and I hope you will throw a little support their way.

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Hot LBFM teen amateur gets barfined, oiled up and banged at Teen Filipina.

Sexy Oil Massage

There is a universal truth about Asian girls, or really just about pretty girls in general. And that truth is that they all look better when covered in baby oil or soap bubbles or some other sort of slippery stuff. And that goes double for girls like Elaine here. She is one of the new girls at Teen Filipina and as she is new that means they have her on full high definition video. I love the way her oily slim body writhes and how she goes out of her way to show us that she can be a pro. Very hot stuff for a first time girl.

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Super skinny Asian chick does some wild big cock hard core.

Skinny asian hard core girl

Well no this girl is not Filipina, she is some sort of mixed girl. But we have such a big thing for the skinny girls, especially if they are as hot as this that we just had to bring her to you.

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Gorgeous Filipina amateur new comer has her first ever hard core scene

Filipina amateur sex

We see a lot of new girls come onto the various Asian sex sites, and honestly most of them are unremarkable. So I guess it kind of makes our day to see a girl like this who is outstanding in several ways. First off she has a killer body that has every other girl on the block jealous, and that is coupled with a sense of sexual adventure that would make any man happy. So check out these teaser pics, and yes there is HD video of this girl so if you want that check her out at Teen Filipina.

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Skinny porn star Amai Liu ejaculates big cock

Amai Liu

The sexy thing about girls like Amai Liu is the drama inherent in there videos as you wonder whether or not their tiny pussies can manage to handle big cocks. One other video I saw like this featured Kitty Jung straddling a big black cock and the girl was actually screaming. It’s very sexy to see 18 year old Amai Liu handle her man

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Please grip my little bum tightly!

Squeeze my ass!

We just saw this update go online over at Teen Filipina and I absolutely love this girl and her facial expressions. It looks like she got into more than she bargained for with this guys big cock. And the video is priceless, about half way through when she is riding the big one she actually takes a call from her BF on her mobile. Classy.

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Looks pretty good from up here…

Riding the girl

We constantly get requests for more pics of Maria, so we thought we would do something special and give you a little taste of her hot POV hard core shoot. Thankfully our photographer was sober enough to hold the camera with one hand so most of it turned out really well. The best part is the foreplay, where she strips her slim body and then crawls on over for some hot fellatio.

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Cute Filipina babe Joy gets destroyed by her boyfriends cock.

Impaled and Penetrated

Sometimes we get a girl together with her real BF and most of the time it goes badly. However sometimes we get a girl together with her real BF and it goes very well. Joy and her man spent the afternoon lounging at the pool at our Manila compound. It was a really good time having a few drinks as the sun went down. We had to ask if they were into doing a photo shoot and the answer was yes. The mood was really good and this guy just pounded poor Joy… And she loved it. She took the facial without dodging it at all and was so confused at the end she actually dribbled the cum into our pool. This is a must see series.

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Tiny breasted manila bargirl Maria: I like to have sex on video!

Filipina hardcore

Sometimes the gods will just smile at you and give you a girl like Maria. As she has become more comfortable in front of our cameras it’s clear just how much of a wildcat this girl really is. I think a lot of women are closet exhibitionists…But only those very few evolve their sensuality until they come to love fucking for an audience. Maria loves it. I can see the pleasure in her eyes during the shoots when she is being pumped…Oh yah she does do hardcore…

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A little taste of Evelyn Lin.

We got a lot of feedback about our last Evelyn Lin post, some of which was disbelief that she does hardcore. Issue closed. Expect another Evelyn picture post soon…

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