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Flat Chested Asian Girls: A cry for help!

Flat Chested Kitty

Kitty says I’m flat chested and Asian but I am proud and natural! Kitty told us that she had suffered in High School being both the token asian girl and also being completely flat chested. These circumstances and some uncontrolled daddy issues led her to over compensate for her sexuality and choose her current profession. Kitty tells “I was always jealous of the white girls in high school, they could use their curves so easily. For me to be sexy I had to do more with the boys”. Kitty seems to be doing ok these days, but she looks like if she ages and puts on weight it will be a disaster. So here are the pictures and if you want to see the video it’s at Teen Filipina.

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4 Responses to “Flat Chested Asian Girls: A cry for help!”

  1. NahNood Says:

    Holy crap she couldn’t be any hotter being “flat”!!! Why school frickin sucks. Glad that’s over! hehe

  2. nakedasian Says:

    i love asian girls they are so hot

  3. Yulanda Baruffi Says:

    I have been looking for related blogs and websites lately I totally am in awe of this site 😀 gonna have to remember to add this to my bookmarks,and I Must admit you have a nice design and content. I have bookmarked your page and hope to mention your post in my potential blog

  4. Asian Girl Says:

    awesome videos, this made my ass dripping.

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